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Gijinkaverse: Apollo Sollan

by luxidoptera

4862875_oTr8ssWTfSpxemX.png 4862879_cSAdJkU5RtQafZX.png
luxidoptera Trying to space out my Gijinkaverse uploads a bit so this is going to be the last one I upload for today. I don't wanna spam y'all. Obligatory S/O to Light-Shadow on Toyhouse who provided the groundwork for this character design!

Apollo is a Solgaleo, born in another world and brought to Alola through unknown means. He is stronghearted, stern and powerful, but kind and gentle beneath his stony exterior, unwilling to harm unless he must to defend Alola and, especially, his darling Artemis. He doesn't quite know his own strength and it's not uncommon for him to accidentally break things- it's as if he occasionally forgets he isn't a Cosmog anymore!

The Dusk Mane armor was created for Apollo by a shifty-looking fellow in a dark suit. It greatly boosts Apollo's physical strength and gives him an ability to more skillfully control light, but the longer he wears it, the more it corrupts his heart. Normally a stronghearted and firm, but kind, individual, the Dusk Mane Armor bloodies his perspective and slowly turns him into a vicious, relentless warmonger bent on nothing but destruction. He can remove the armor at any time and almost always remembers to take it off before things get too far and he loses his true sense of self, but there is definitely going to be a point sometime in the future where our solar lion falls beyond the event horizon- and only Artemis will be able to save him.
  1. luxidoptera
    Thanks Cloudswift! Wish I could reply to you directly but this works I guess lol
    Feb 12, 2018
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  2. Cloudswift
    I like how you incorperated the Necrozma elements into not only another outfit, but also made a backstory for it! 10/10, I would definitely read/watch that! :up: :up:
    Feb 12, 2018
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