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Ape Escape: Neo Pipotrons

by Shen: King of Digimon

neo pip.png
Shen: King of Digimon The Neo Pipotrons, elite genetically modified simian warriors that are associated with the Banner of Specter. They were each experimented grotesquely and thoroughly by humans, only appearing as echoes of the species they used to represent. Breaking out of their bondage, they seek revenge on the humans that wronged them and seek dominion over them, so they can play their twisted games on the populace for their own amusement.

The team is consisted of:

Pipotron J, the squad leader- Ape Escape- Pipotron J Redraw | Pokécharms (pokecharms.com)
Pipotron Krak, the Tech Junkie-Ape escape- Pipotron Krak Redraw | Pokécharms (pokecharms.com)
Pipotron Meta, Stealth Operative-Ape Escape- Pipotron Meta redraw | Pokécharms (pokecharms.com)
Pipotron G, the muscle-Ape Escape- Pipotron G Redraw | Pokécharms (pokecharms.com)