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The Jorio Region: Antonio

by Rovenz

Gym Leader Antonio.png
Rovenz "As hot as a torch, as burning as a blaze"
Antonio is the Gym Leader of the Hustflare City Gym. He is the father of Graham, the Gym Leader of the Doneystrick City Gym. Since he adopted Graham, he had nothing to do but to move to Jorio. Antonio wanted to build a gym for his Eevee, but he had to evolve it because it was a fire type gym. He is very intelligent, very kind and he has good potential as well.
Pokémon: Lvl 8 Litleo, Lvl 9 Torkoal, Lvl 9 Flareon
Partner Pokémon: Flareon
He hands out the Blaze Badge if they win
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  1. Rovenz
    Oh, I forgot.
    Rematch: Lvl 69 Pyroar, Lvl 69 Torkoal, Lvl 70 Emboar, Lvl 71 Heatmor, Lvl 71 Blaziken (Torchy) Lvl 72 Flareon.
    Aug 16, 2015
    I'd love to challenge him!
    Aug 13, 2015