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Ask or Dare: Answers to YoungBeedrill and +Pinapple+

by GalaxyEspeon

PNG image 37.png
GalaxyEspeon Answers to @YoungBeedrill and @+Pinapple+.

Ok, I gotta stock something inside your heads real quick. If you wanna ask or dare me, you can comment it on THIS POST’S comment section (FYI, I’m not shouting; don’t worry).
Anyways that’s all.
Also news, I attempted an art contest in sketches community... and I didn’t even get 5th place. Sad, ik but it’s ok. I was fun and extremely difficult.
  1. YoungBeedrill
    This is fun! I'm considering to make an ask or dare thingy but I'm considering.
    Jul 27, 2021
    ~Rinko~ and GalaxyEspeon like this.
  2. 'Candle'
    Cool! Can't wait for more.
    Jul 26, 2021
    ~Rinko~, GalaxyEspeon and Willow Tree like this.