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Jando's Dying: Another One Bites the Punch

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper As a mysterious region Jando is found two years after it is found two boys and their mum moves there known as Sylve and Kat. Once they're off on a journey murder, mystery, and misfortune is starting to happen to the region. And Sylve and Kat are the only one who can fix it but maybe they're are the next victim!
{A wild Torchic appears!}
Sylve- Woh! You can find starters in the wild?!
Catching Guide- Yes you can well in this region you can!
Kat- Ok Totodile use Bite!
{Totodile used Bite.}
{Pikachu fainted}
{Totodile leveled up to Lvl. 10}
Kat- Yay! Woh I want that Poke-Card Go!
Sylve- NO!
{Torchic was caught}
Kat- Yes!
Sylve- REALLY KAT!?!>=O
Kat- Huh?:'|What?
Sylve- That was mine.
Catching Guide well now you know what to do well... Bye!
Kat- So?
Sylve- Ugh never mind. Huh? Pikachu whats wrong?
{Torchic blocked the attack!}
{Torchic died!}
Sylve- AHHH! Pikachu!
Pikachu- Pika!:o
Sylve- What's wrong Pika.......
Murder Maniac- Hey! I know what happened!
Sylve- Huh? What?
Kat- Yeah what?!?
Murder Maniac- When a pokemon is caught from someone battle that was not started by them is immediately given bad luck and is turned really weak even legend pokemon!
Kat- Oh!
*Murder Manic disappears right in front of them*
Sylve- Woh! This is what happens Kat!
Kat- Sorry. What! Does that mean I murdered a pokemon?
Sylve- Kinda.
Kat- Ugh! Well lets keep on goi.....
Sylve- Ugh you guys again!
Shauna- Yeah we wanted to apologize.
Kat- Wait wha......
*A weird black hole appears*
{A shadow appears!}
Sylve- Wait!
Kat- That's a Mewtwo! Poke-Card GO!
*Kat throws the Poke-Card but Mewtwo crushes it!*
Kat- Wuh?!?!
Shauna- Braixe GO!
{Shauna send out Braixe}
{Mewtwo used Dark Nova}
*As Mewtwo used Dark Nova turned towards Shauna and hit her as hard as he can with his tail sending Shauna flying into a tree which immediately turns dark red.*
Trever- Shauna NO!
Shauna- Tre.....vor.......he.......ll.......p......m........ugh.
*Mewtwo returns through the portal leaving the area full of fear and horror.*
Trevor- No..... no.... SHAUNA...... NOOO!
Police- What's wron...... Oh no another one.
Kal U. M.- Sir what do you mean another one I've been here ever since it's discovery and there has never been a murder in this town.
Police- I'm talk about this region's murder. There's been 721 murders this month!
Siri N. A.- Really?!?!
Police- Sadly yes.
Police2- Officer James there's been another murder.
James- Who was murdered?
Jack- Doctor Oak!
James- Wait! The President of the organization of PokeCharms?
?????- What about my husband!?!
Jack- I'm sorry Mrs. Oak is um...... *mumbles dead*
Nurse Oak- WHAT?!?!
James- He's dead!
Jack- I'm sorry but he's right.
Kal- Wait so what about PokeCharms? Will it all go away?
James- No I'm sure it'll be taken up by another person.
Siri- Are you sure?
Jack- Yes.
Sylve- Well Kat lets get going fast.
Kat- Sure thing.
Narrator- As another poor innocent life is taken there is still more to come.