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I’m doing Fakemons... Again: Another one already? (I need a life... lol)

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain I know I already posted one of them, but because I have more free time than I know what to do with, here is the next wonder of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus... or at least a legendary loosely based on it and other things the Goddess is known for

Also yes they are all going to be primarily Rock type...

Tundresus (Tundra - Ephesus)
Rock / Ice
Gender : 100% Female
Ability: Pressure - Snow Warning (HA)
Moveset when caught:

Ice Hammer
Stealth Rock
Play Rough
Arctic Instincts* (Signature move)
Pokédex Entry:
TUNDRESUS is one of Seven, She assists in cooling the temprature at Night And was carved by LUNALA and COSMOLYMP from moon rocks, she is said to be the origin of Never-Melt Ice

*The user blesses its party for 3 turns, it and its allies restore 1/3 of their HP and have their Speed Raised by one stage, the HP restore is doubled for Ice, Grass and Normal Types