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Pokemon: Beyond KANTO-- Secret of the Diamond Onix: Annie Meets the Harrisons

by diamondonix718

diamondonix718 All attention now turned to me. Silence followed for a moment as the kids studied me up and down. Then one of the girls cried out gleefully, “Brock brought a girl home!”

The other children joined in the cheers and crowded around me. “It’s about time!” “We knew you could do it, Brock!” “Good old Brock!” “What’s her name?” “Have you asked her yet?”

“Asked me what?” I asked, confused, desperately searching Brock’s face for an explanation. Red seeped up Brock’s face from the neck up, and his ears flushed a deep crimson. Then it dawned on me, and now it was my turn to blush. “Oh, no!” I spluttered. “It’s not like that at all! You see--”

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