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Animorphs the new member part 1 of 33

by Axmili-esgarrouth-isthill

Axmili-esgarrouth-isthill I will add requested characters.the new member is a 110 year old Android/Pokemon girl named celest.ax acts like a dad to her.Tom is free and can morph.celest's morphs are Pokemon not normal animals.her battle morph is glacion.all 33 parts will be nararated by celest and ax.celest will nararate part 1.
Hi I'm celest I'm a new member to the animorphs.axmil acts like a father to me.I'm 110 you might think how.it is because I'm half Android half Pokemon.I can morph to any Pokemon.I'm lucky because I can stay in a morph as long as I want.but the animorphs have a two hour limit.I have long blond hair that is to my feet.my morphing outfit is a blue leatard. I help the animorphs fight the yeerks.I am wearing blue shorts.a tan shirt.white with blue striped slip ons. And finally white socks.my favorite color is aqua blue.my favorite food is whole wheat toast.my favorite animal is a fox.my favorite Pokemon is a glaceon.I was created on February the 18 2005.I love humans.I love love love and I mean love axmill.Part one was just celest telling the readers about herself ( PS select is based of me from her like and yes ax is my favorite animorph character )