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Anime Reviews: Anime Review #1: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

by AceTrainerGold

AceTrainerGold Basically I just give my opinions on anime and give it a score out of ten
So recently I've been wanting to start writing reviews on stuff like anime and videogames, but I realised if you have a different opinion to someone else, you'll be in danger. But I don't really care so here's my first anime review. SPOILERS.

I thought I'd do my first review on one of the first anime I watched, that being Naruto. When I was younger I loved the shit out of this anime, at one point (may years ago) it was even my favourite. But now that I'm older and have seen a lot more anime, it is no longer even in my top 10. However I still love it.

One of the main reasons I love Naruto is because of it's characters. Most of the main cast is very likeable (except for Sasuke) and Kishimoto actually gets you to care about them, instead of just
them all generic and boring. I still love characters like Rock Lee and Jiraiya to this day and consider them some of my favourite characters in anime, I love Rock Lee because he's the underdog (I tend to like those sort of characters) and Jiraiya always would make me laugh, but then he had to go and make me cry. But I do really have a hatred for Sasuke.

One of the other reasons I love this anime is because of it's fight scenes. In my opinion this anime has some of the best fights I've seen. Some examples of great fights in this series alone are: Rock Lee vs Gaara, Kakashi vs Obito, Naruto vs Neji, Naruto vs Sasuke (the last one) and many more I could list off. The Rock Lee vs Gaara fight is probably my favourite out of these as it turned Lee into one of if not the show's greatest character, and the other fights I just listed are just as great.

Overall I still do enjoy this anime and I think it is worth a watch (if you don't mind like 70% filler).
I'll rate both of the series together and give Naruto and 8.5/10.

Sorry this might've been short (and shitty) but I was just seeing if this was a thing I would like to carry on in the future.