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Game Design/Concept Art: Angels Above Concept Art

by Malgai

Art 2.PNG Art 5.PNG Art 3.PNG Art 1.PNG Art 6.PNG Art 4.PNG
Malgai This was made as a fun project and does not reflect an actual game in development. This also does not reflect my beliefs and/or religion in any way shape or form. Each section is numbered with its information below.
1. This is the main protagonist, a highly-skilled Angel Warrior named Cornel. Under it is his Berserk form, where he turns into a Fallen Angel and is invulnerable to all damage for 25 seconds with damage buffs, and increased attack speed, movement speed, and jump height times 2 of your normal stats.
2. This is Cornel's arsenal, which consists of his Holy Sword (Blood Sword in Berserk), Shield of Faith (Fallen Shield in Berserk), Bow of the gods, Arrows of Celeste, Arrows of Corruption, and the Heart Ring. The Arrows of Celeste are normal arrows with no added effects, but the Arrows of Corruption adds a poison effect to enemies for 10 seconds each arrow, but this item is rare to obtain though.
3. This is the health system, consisting of a variety of hearts. Red hearts are normal 1-hit hearts that can be regenerated 1 by 1 with a Heart Ring, the Silver Heart takes 1 hit and turns into a Red Heart, the grey heart indicates a vacancy of health in that slot, and the Fallen Gold-Bound heart is given when you go Berserk, which makes all hearts invulnerable to damage.
4. This is the Berserk Spell, which grants Invulnerability and buffs to all stats. (See No. 1 for info on Berserk stats)
5. This is what I made when I was 5 years old, but I remade it nowadays to create a completely unique character design. Consider it as the "Beta" design of Cornel.
Again, this does not reflect an actual game and was made as a fun project, and this does not reflect my beliefs and/or religion in any way. Designs for the Rival and Main Villain are in current development.
  1. Malgai
    Jul 13, 2019
  2. ManyAchievables
    I never thought I wanted this until right now.
    This looks amazing!
    Jul 12, 2019