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An Overdue Apology For Those Who Care For Some Reason

by BoredSnowglobe

BoredSnowglobe My apology and excuses for being incredibly inactive. Most of you don’t care but I felt like I needed to do this-
Hello, I’m BoredSnowglobe. But some of you might know me as OtisRolePlays...

(I didn’t know where to post this so I posted this in the creative corner I guess- ackkkk I’ll remove it if people want me too-)

Wow. It’s been a full year since I’ve been on this website. And this is my apology I guess-

I’m sorry for randomly disappearing for a year. Well to be honest, I would sometimes disappear randomly in the middle of a role play so some might not even be surprised that I disappeared for good. And I get that most of you either don’t care anymore or don’t even know who the hell I am, but I felt like I owed an apology to some of you that do still remember me. I knew I had to do this sooner or later but I had been procrastinating since I’m kind of a coward- but anyways here are my excuses:

Around the time that I disappeared, me and my family were going to London for a vacation. So it’s reasonable that I wouldn’t be online much. But when we got back, I knew I missed a lot and I was too scared to even ask for a recap- although I don’t know why. So I just didn’t get on anymore. And over time, I had lost interest in role playing. I had gotten into new fandoms and just didn’t have the time for it. But this website has always been in the back of my mind. Even looking at the website name scared me. I thought that some people might be mad that I disappeared and left them behind without any kind of excuse. So I just thought that if I never returned or even looked at the website, then I wouldn’t have to deal with the mad people. But I realize that I was over exaggerating everything, and that no one would get mad at me since most of y’all don’t even remember me. (And I kinda don’t remember any of y’all either-) But it still had taken all of my courage to even log into Pokecharms. But yeah, I finally decided to come back after a full year.

Now onto some other non-important things.

I’ve decided to completely start fresh. I’ve unwatched all of my threads and will probably unfollow everyone that I have followed before.

Also, I’m now into some different stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Pokemon. (Scolipede is still my favorite Ö) But I probably won’t do any Pokémon role plays anymore. All of my ocs were crap. Their backstories and motives don’t make any sense or they were poorly done. So yeah, don’t expect me to use any of my old ocs if I ever do some role playing. (I might remake some of them if I really feel like it-) You would probably have to convince me to join an old Pokémon role play or something. Maybe one day I’ll start doing Pokémon role play again but today is not that day.

But, there is one kind of role play I would be willing to do (Other then non-Pokémon role plays-) I’ve recently gotten into objects shows. (BFB, Inanimate Insanity, BOTO, etc-) So, I might join some object role plays some day. (If there is any-)

And yeah, that was my long, really unnecessary apology that none of you cared about.

Bye I guess-
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  1. Gamingfan
    Aww, I don't even know you and you seem like a pretty cool guy.

    Unnecessary apology unnecessarily accepted
    Jul 29, 2020
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