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Ask the fam: An alternate universe :3c

by Cafe-Mocha

ask 12.png ask 13.png ask 14.png
Cafe-Mocha It's an official Alternate universe where Darkrai have countless fights for Mimi

Asked @Lord Of Pain
  1. Giratina lover
    Mar 29, 2018
  2. Toast the flareon
    Toast the flareon
    *throws master ball at mimi*caches Mimi*this is for ask the fam.
    Mar 25, 2018
  3. vergames
    Have you ever watched steven universe mimi and darkrai?
    Apr 8, 2017
  4. vergames
    *Jessie and james appear* Jessie:"give us mimi" james:"yeah" meowth:"mewoth that's right" that's for the ask the fam its a senario
    Nov 25, 2016
  5. Popplio
    Have you guys ever seen real animals? Like dogs, and birds? I have been wondering for a time owo
    Aug 9, 2016
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  6. LokaMocha
    Hey guys! So my question is, what exactly do you guys do for fun? Also if you ever need a baby sitter with your lil baby Auntie Skye will gladly babysit for you. ♥
    Aug 8, 2016
  7. CausticScarab
    Uhh, I can't seem to stop him, but my Malamar, Grey is attacking you...
    H-he's really scary but please find a way to drive him off without hurting him...
    Aug 8, 2016
  8. ScribbleSplash
    Hey fam, what are your favourite songs?
    Aug 8, 2016
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