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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Twenty-Three - Crustacean Catastrophe Part 1

by avae

avae The twenty-third episode in Ava's journey throughout the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Froakie(M), Litleo (M)
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@Cryronn the Mudkip
As we left off, our heroes had to seek shelter from a terrible storm in an old mansion named, the Forbidden Chateau. Full of ghosts and goblins from legend, our heroes raced to make it out alive. In doing so, they learned a valuable lesson of friendship and trust. Now, they continue on their way to Shalour City in hopes to win their third Gym Battle. Enjoy :)

Ava was trudging along exhaustedly behind Elijah as they were still attempting to make it out of the dense forest they had been in for the past 3 days. "I don't know how much more of this I can take..." She said aloud. Elijah stopped and looked back at her, "We can take a break if you need." He said sitting down near one of the many humongous trees around them. Ava trotted over and sat down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. Ava reached for the water bottle attached to the side of her backpack only to find it was dead empty. "I'm all out of water..." Ava said quite sadly.

Elijah reached for his water bottle and offered it to her. She took it happily and chugged every last bit of it. "We should probably look for a body of water or sorts to refill our supply." Elijah insisted. He pulled out his Pokedex and opened the app labeled "Map". "There seems to be a river just right behind that bend of trees." Elijah continued pointing in the direction he was referring to. ava nodded and they both set off in search for this supposed lake.

Sure enough, there was a lake right where it said. Ava bent down and took out her bottle. She held it down to the cool surface of the lake and waited as it filled up. As she sat on the edge of the lake and drank her newly found water she started remembering something. Neither of them had taken a show since they left Cyllage City. "Hey Elijah," She called over to where he was filling up his bottle. "I think I'm going to take a dip in the lake to try and clean off." Elijah gave her a thumbs up and replied, "I think I may too. Sounds like a good idea." He threw his shirt off and jumped in, splashing cold water on Ava while she was attempting to get into her bathing suit. "That's it!" She said as she jumped in after him.

Elijah turned to get a face full of cold water which managed to make him stumble and fall back down in the water. They both burst out laughing, they really hadn't had much fun in the big stretch of forest so far. They swam around for the next 25 minutes and finally decided it was time to get out and prepare dinner. Elijah was out first and began setting up camp as well as some food to hold them over. Ava decided she would stay in another 5 minutes before getting out herself. As she was swimming around she noticed a big, dark shape coming closer to her under water. She decided to dive down and see what exactly it was. As she dove under the water and opened her eyes, she came face to face with a gigantic Clauncher. She screamed, but no one could hear her above the water.

Elijah was still in the middle of preparing dinner. "Ava, do you know where the spices are?" He called out. No response. "Ava?" He called a little louder. "What is she doing?" He thought as he turned around to the lake. She was nowhere in sight. Elijah grew nervous and worried. "Ava I swear to God if you're pranking me!" He called even louder. Still no answer. The only thing left to do was dive in and check himself. He threw Froakie's Pokeball into the air. Froakie was his only Pokemon capable of breathing underwater, so he was his best bet. The two of them dove in.

Elijah hated opening his eyes underwater, it always felt really weird. He told himself it was the only way he would find Ava and that he had to open them. He peered around under the lake, everything was dark and he could really make out and objects. He swam up to take a breath, Froakie followed him. Elijah wouldn't be of much use if he couldn't breath, so he needed a plan. "Froakie use Bubble lightly underwater. I may be able to get my head in one and use it as a permanent air pocket so i don't have to keep coming up." Froakie nodded and dove back under to start creating bubbles. Elijah managed to fit his head in one and they were off to search again.

Ava woke up to small objects chattering around her. She sat up quickly and looked around. Surrounding her was about every Crustacean Pokemon you could think of. Clauncher, Clawitzer, Krabby, Kingler, Crawdaunt, and Corphish. She was too worn out to scream again. She just sat there in horror. The large Clauncher from before waddled up to her. Ava presumed this was their leader. "Welcome, human." It said aloud. Now she was definitely in complete shock, "You... You can talk?" She said completely bewildered. "In fact, I can. Very few Pokemon and able to preform this act, and I luckily can." It replied. "I'm sorry for kidnapping you, but we are in desperate need of assistance. A local Freshwater Activist company has recently discovered our colony here in this lake and are telling the people who live near here, that they want to take a sample of species to 'move them to a better environment'. In reality, their taking my brethren to their laboratories and preforming experiments on them. I would know. I was once one of their test subjects.

Ava nodded, "So they're lying about their intents. What can I do about it?" "You see, my colony of Pokemon is very... unskilled... in terms of fighting. I managed to make it out alone, but the others cannot. We spotted you swimming and brought you here to see if you would be willing to assist us in our matters. Could you help expose the company once and for all and free my captured friends?" The Clauncher asked. "Of course. I'd be happy to help. the thing is, my Pokemon and friend are back on the shore. In fact, they're probably worried sick about me. If you could get me back to them, we could all help you. My friend is an incredible battler, we could win."

To be Continued...

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