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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Twelve - Masquerade Mystery Part 1

by avae

avae The Twelfth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos region. She will face friends and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be. Due to having a busy schedule expect episodes every 2-4 days. Very Sorry :(
As we left off, our heroes had what seemed to be their first "date". They discussed the future of their journey and had an excellent bonding experience. Now we find our heroes inside an event hall. Tonight is the Masquerade Ball. Enjoy.

Tonight was the 25th annual Kalos Masquerade. Trainers from all across the world traveled to take place in this spectacular event.

Ava walked out of the dressing room in a long, black dress with a black and gold beaded mask on. To top if off, she continued the black coloration with short heels. Elijah was already waiting for her outside. He had on a matching mask with a black suit and black pants. He too had black shoes on to match.

Ava walked over to where Elijah was standing. Elijah looked up, "Wow... You look... Incredible" He said speechlessly. Ava blushed, "So do you." Elijah held out his hand for Ava to take. She smiled and took it, and our heroes walked over into the Ballroom. It was time to begin.

"Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your host, Javier. Welcome to the 25th Annual Kalos Masquerade!" Javier said. The crowd erupted in cheer. Javier looked down at the watch on his wrist, "Tonight, we have a variety of guests and performances to keep you entertained. The best competitor and dancer will win this wonderful prize." Javier held up a diamond necklace that was in the shape of a heart. "Now, let the festivities begin!"

A well-known orchestra was the first to preform. They played a slow, soothing melody that the entire Ballroom danced to. Elijah was over at the snack table. He was very nervous to dance with Ava. As of past experiences he wasn't at all good at dancing, not at all. Ava walked over to him and
put her arms on his shoulders. Elijah jumped 10 feet high, his nerves were getting to him.

Ava laughed, "Someone's jumpy tonight," Elijah's face grew red. "Come on, dance with me!" She pleaded pulling him over to the dance floor. The thing is," Elijah said. "I don't really know how to dance.." "That's fine. You don't have to be good to dance." She replied. Ava lifted his arms up to her waist. "Just keep your hands here, and I'll place mine on your shoulders. Now, rock back and forth like this." The two were finally dancing.

Elijah completely forgot about his nerves. Dancing with Ava gave him a whole new mindset; it made him happier. They danced until the song was over. Javier came back on stage with the next announcement, "That was some excellent dancing, everyone! Now it's time for our next event! Trainers, please bring out one Pokémon of your choice!" Pokeballs were tossed into the air all around the Ballroom. Pokémon of every variety were spread about with their trainers close by.

"For this event, we want to showcase your Pokémon's moves and abilities!" Javier announced.

"CRASH!" The gigantic painted window of the Ballroom shattered to pieces.

To Be Continued...
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