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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Thirty-Two - Polterheist

by avae

avae The Thirty-Second episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Froakie(M), Litleo (M)
@AuraVolt97 @DianaRomero
@Cryronn the Mudkip @RedMew

As we left off, our heroes discovered a wild Pokemon that was terrorizing a local Kalos beach. With their excellent problem solving skills, they found out exactly what was causing this Pokémon's sudden anger. Now the beach, and all the Pokemon living there, have returned to normal. Our trainers now continue on their way to Coumarine City in hopes of winning their Fourth Gym Badge.

Ava sat up in her sleeping bag to the smell of bacon and eggs. She quickly changed into her typical outfit consisting of skinny jeans, her favorite light-blue T-shirt, a white sweater, and her favorite white Converse. Her unzipped the door to her tent to find Elijah already preparing food for both of them to enjoy. Elijah always woke up early to cook and prepare for the upcoming day of traveling. Ava loved to sleep in and Elijah knew it best to not wake her.

"Good morning! And Happy Halloween!" Elijah said attempting to make a ghoulish laughing sound afterwards. Ava laughed at his failed attempt, "Happy Halloween!" She said in return. "Breakfast is ready and the coffee is almost done." Elijah told her. Ava could rarely start the day without coffee, which is definitely not good for you, but she couldn't help it. "What's our plans today?" Ava asked while they were both digging into their food. "Well, I think we can make it to the Halloween Festival in time for certain." Elijah replied.

The Halloween Festival was located in Temfeld Town (in between Route 12 and Coumarine City). People from all over the world come for its celebrations and activities. Our heroes quickly wrapped up their eating, pack their things, and headed towards Temfeld Town for the spooky festivities.

They arrived at 7pm, one hour before the Festival started. Temfeld Town was home of the Kalos National Bank. The value of stored money in that building was about 4 Billion. A prime location for attempted robberies. Which, of course, is exactly what would be happening.

On the opposite side of the Town from our heroes, was a group of New Team Flare members planning their heist on the Kalos National Bank. "This plan is fool-proof!" One of the grunts said confidently. "So we wait until the whole Town is busy partying, then bust out and rob the bank?" Another Grunt asked. "That's right!" The first Grunt replied. "And then, Team Flare can begin preparation on our Ultimate Weapon V2!"

Our heroes stepped into the Poke-City store looking for costumes for the upcoming Festival. The only requirement for joining the celebrations. Ava lead Elijah to the back of the store. They both decided on simply just getting Masquerade masks. Cheap, simple, and efficient. They purchased the masks and headed out to the Town Square where the party would be taking place.

The Sun set and the glittering Moon took its place. Guests gathered around in their costumes talking and dancing with each other. An announcer took on to the stage in the center, her name was Julia, she was the organizer of this entire event. "I wanted to thank everyone personally for making your way to our wonderful event. Tonight's festivities include a huge arrangement of bands, food, and dancing. We hope you all have a Happy Halloween and Enjoy!" Julia announced.

"3... 2... 1... Now!" Yelled a Team Flare Grunt. The explosives worked correctly and the vault door of the Bank was blown wide open. Teams of Grunts rushed in trying to grab as much money as they could carry.

The explosion attracted the attention of everyone in Town Square. Announcers came on telling everyone to stay calm and that they were going to be okay. Elijah looked at Ava and she nodded, they both slipped from the huge crowd and towards the sound of that explosion. The eventually got into a full sprint racing to see what had happened. They found their way to Nation Bank seeing that it was surrounded with Police Cars, Ambulances, and Fire Trucks. The officers seemed to be fighting some people in bright, red suits.

Our heroes crouched behind a bush to get a better look. "It's Team Flare!" Elijah Whispered. "Yeah, but what are they doing here?" Ava asked curiously. "No doubt trying to steal whatever money they have in this Bank." Elijah replied. One of the Growlithe fighting alongside a Police Officer was blown back from a powerful Shadow Ball. "We have to try and help somehow..." Ava said wearily. Elijah scouted the area and noticed an opening in the side of the building. "Follow me!" He said. The bolted through the side entrance and downstairs to the vault.

They were stopped by two Flare Grunts with Liepards. Ava looked at Elijah, "I can handle these two. Go on downstairs!" She told him. She tossed Eevee and Fennekin's Pokeballs into the air. Elijah didn't want to leave her alone, but he had no choice. "Good luck!" He said as he ran deeper into the depths of the Bank.

"Scyther use Metal Claw!" Elijah commanded knocking out the opposing Garbador. The Grunt fighting him let him progress deeper into the basement. Grunt after Grunt he defeated them looking for the main group of them. Ava was still dealing with her double battle above. Eevee just dealt the last move to the remaining Liepard and she continued her way downstairs as well.

Elijah finally found the vault where the Grunts sat bagging money. He and Scyther hid behind the wall. He quietly took Froakie out of its ball. It's Smokescreen could come in handy for sure. Ava caught up to him. She and her Pokemon hid out of sight as well. They needed to make their move soon before it was too late.

They heard heavy footsteps coming down the metal stairway. Some older man in fancier red clothes than the grunts was the culprit. "Admin Nova, sir!" The Grunts shouted in sync. "How are the plans coming along?" Admin Nova asked. "Everything is going spectacularly. This money will be more than enough to fund our projects." A Grunt replied. "I wasn't necessarily referring to the money. You all know there's two kids and their Pokemon running about in here right?" Nova asked. The Grunts looked at each other confused, they hadn't been told about any intruders. Nova sighed, "Well, if you see them, capture them immediately. Parteon has a special interest in these children." With that, he walked away.

Some of the Grunts split up to look for our heroes. Elijah and Ava stayed huddled behind boxes, careful not give away their location. They waited, looking the most opportune time to reveal themselves. Elijah became impatient and motion to Ava mouthing "We have to go now!" She nodded and the burst in guns blazing, or shall I say, Pokemon blazing? "Scyther use Night Slash! Froakie use Water Pulse!" Elijah ordered. "Eevee use Swift! Fennekin use Ember!" Ava commanded. The attacks launched into the Vault Room knocking out many of the Grunts and leaving the others to aggro on them.

Our heroes kept on launching attack after attack knocking out many of Team Flare's Pokemon. However, they just became overwhelmed. Ava starred in horror as her Pokemon laid defeated on the stone ground. Froakie had just gone down and Scyther was very weak. Ava knelt down to pick her feinted Pokemon up. She looked up to see 3 Shadow Balls coming straight for her. She closed her eyes and waited in horror for the impact. She didn't feel it. She opened her eyes to see a Chesnaught standing in front of her. "Chesnaught use Hammer Arm!" A voice called from behind. The Chesnaught wiped out the opposing Grunts like they were nothing.

Chesnaught knelt down to Ava's feinted Pokemon and used Synthesis. Eevee and Fennekin stood up as lively as ever. "Thank you." She said shockingly to the Pokemon. Chesnaught's trainer walked up to them and scratched his Pokémon's head. "You're welcome." The trainer said. "My name is Alex." Ava smiled, Nice to meet you. I'm Ava. And that's Elijah." She replied pointing over to where Elijah was caring for Froakie. The Chesnaught walked over to Elijah and his Pokemon and used Synthesis again, revitalizing Scyther and Froakie. "Thank you." Elijah said appreciatively. Alex nodded, "What did you two think you were doing trying to stop Team Flare on your own." Alex asked them. "We've done it before. So we figured we could do it again." Elijah replied. "Yeah well look where that got you." Alex muttered.

Police rushed into the Vault Room ready for combat only to find that all of the Team Flare Grunts had been defeated and that 3 kids were all that remained. "What are you three doing down here?" One of the officers asked. "We defeated Team Flare for you." Alex replied matter-of-factly. "We thank you, but you kids should leave it to us next time. It could have gone really badly for you." The officer replied. "That's why you always work as a team." Ava said smiling.

Our heroes waved the town goodbye as they continued on their way to Coumarine City. As they were leaving, they noticed a Grunt sitting against a wall with his head in his lap. "Hello?" Ava asked confusedly. The Grunt looked up nervously. "Who are you?" The Grunt asked. "We just stopped your Team from robbing the National Bank." Elijah replied proudly. "So you're the kids we were warned about." The Grunt said. "I have a favor for you." Our heroes looked at each other confused. "For us?" Ava asked. "I didn't participate in the robbery at all. I don't even want to be a part of Team Flare. My parents were both drawn into it which inevitably caused me to get involved as well. I don't agree with their views at all, but I have no choice. I'd rather spend my life in jail than work with them. The only thing I care about is my Pokemon, Gourgeist. And if I go to jail, Gourgeist will be taken away and put who knows where." The Grunt began. He closed his eyes and began crying, "Will you both take care of her for me? That way I know she's in good hands."

Our heroes starred at each other completely shocked. Ava walked over to him and knelt down, "Of course we will." The Grunt took out Gourgeist's Pokeball and pressed the button on it. The Pokemon came out hugging its trainer. "I'm sorry Gourgiest. I'm not the trainer you deserved, but I still love you." The Grunt told it. Gourgeist looked at him confused. "I'm going to jail, and I don't want you to be taken away to a terrible place. Please go with these trainers. You'll have more fun with them. They have good hearts and minds. Please." Gourgeist also had tears brought to her eyes. The two friends hugged each other for the last time. The Grunt handed Gourgeist's Pokeball to Ava. "Please take good care of her. Better care than I gave her." Ava looked at him sadly, "I promise." She replied.

Ava returned Gourgeist to its Pokeball and the continued down the road. Ava couldn't keep her eyes off the Pokeball she had just received. Neither of them could believe what just happened. "Hey wait up!" said a voice from behind. It was Alex from before. "Where are you two headed?" He asked curiously. "We're taking part in the Kalos League. So we're heading to Coumarine for our Fourth Gym Badge." Elijah replied. Alex smiled, "Sweet! mind if I come along with you guys. I'm participating myself. Plus, the more the merrier right?" Ava and Elijah looked at each other and nodded. "Sure!" Ava said happily.

And with that very long episode, our heroes now grow closer and closer to their next Gym Battle at the Coumarine Gym! And now accompanied by Alex, a very strong trainer with a Chesnaught, they are sure to have many more memorable experiences in the coming future.

To Be Continued...
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