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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Thirty-Six - A Flowering Triple Battle!

by avae

avae The Thirty-Sixth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F), Gourgeist(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Froakie(M), Litleo (M), Fletchling(F)
Alex-Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
@AuraVolt97 @DianaRomero
@Cryronn the Mudkip @RedMew
As we left off, our heroes were nearly to Coumarine City when they were interrupted by a Bird Watcher named Rodger. Together with the help of Rodger, our heroes tried bird watching out themselves and managed to find an abandoned Fletchling in a tree. With Elijah's determination, he was able to help it learn to fly as well as catch it for his team. After a long awaited time, they have finally reach Coumarine City and prepare to take on Ramos, the Gym Leader for their Fourth Gym Badge.

"You must have obtained at least 3 Gym Badges before challenging this Gym." The Gym Helper told our heroes as they began to enter.

Ava showed him hers as well as Elijah and Alex. He inspected them and stepped aside, allowing our heroes to progress inside. They stepped inside a conveniently placed elevator and rode up to the top of the humongous tree. It was the crowned jewel of Coumarine so to speak. At the top sat a battlefield of dirt along with Ramos, the Gym Leader, tending to the bushes.

Ramos turned to the three trainers and asked, "Do you three happen to want to challenge me and my powerful Grass-Type Pokemon?"

They nodded. Alex wondered if there was another reason they would be here.

"Well then. Since there are three of you and I have three Pokemon, why don't we have a triple battle?" Ramos offered.

Elijah and Alex started getting pumped. The more people in a battle, the more fun. At least that's what they both thought. Ava on the other hand had participated in single and double battles before, but never triple.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. What about you two?" Alex asked.

"Count me in!" Elijah replied. He turned to Ava, "Is it okay with you?" He asked.

Ava thought for a second and said, "Yeah. Should be a good experience."

"Wonderful. I'll introduce my team first." Ramos spoke out. He threw three Pokeballs into the air and out came Jumpluff, Gogoat, and Weepinbell.

Ava reached into her bag and pulled out Fennekin's Pokeball and tossed it into the air. Alex called out his Shiny Aegislash and Elijah pulled out Froakie's Pokeball. Ramos, Ava, and Alex looked at Elijah confusedly.

"Why Froakie? It's weak to Grass-Type Pokemon." Alex.

Elijah smirked, "That's true. But Type Advantage is irrelevant in a Pokemon Battle. Plus, I think it will be well worth using Froakie. You'll see." He replied.

Alex shrugged and our heroes along with Ramos took their sides of the field. The referee stepped up onto his Podium and announced that the battle had begun. Alex told Aegislash to use Sacred Sword on Gogoat. The Gogoat countered with Take Down and the attacks collided causing both Pokemon to sustain damage.

Ava decided to target the Weepinbell and told Fennekin to use Flame Charge on it. The Weepinbell was hit hard but attacked back with Acid. Fennekin attempted to dodge it but the attack was too fast it was no use. Fennekin hit back harder with a powerful Ember attack dealing massive damage to the Weepinbell.

Elijah took on the remaining opponent, the Jumpluff. Froakie used Pound which connected perfectly with its target. The Jumpluff stumbled a little but hit back with a powerful Acrobatics and then a Leach Seed. The seeds gave health from Froakie back to Jumpluff. If Elijah didn't do something about it soon, Froakie would be defeated.

Alex wasn't having the greatest time ever with Gogoat being an incredibly strong physical attacker. Bulldoze after Bulldoze hit Aegislash dealing major damage. Alex went with Night Slash so that he could attack from afar. They slashes connected adding on to the already existing damage. Gogoat charged back with another Take Down but this time Aegislash used King's Shield to avoid being hurt.

Acid after Acid was hitting Fennekin to the point where it became poisoned. Fennekin knelt down on the ground too weak to stand. Weepinbell took its shot and used Grass Knot to finish the job.

"Froakie use Water Pulse on the ground near Fennekin!" Elijah called out.

The Water Pulse caused the Grass Knot to not come up out of the ground. Fennekin managed to stand once more and hit back with another heated Flame Charge. Froakie used Quick Attack to deal more damage to Weepinbell to help Ava out. However, Jumpluff didn't want to be left out and fought back with another Grass Knot.

The only way Alex was going to beat Gogoat was if he could deal more damage. In that case, he used Swords Dance to power-up his future moves. He followed up with Sacred Sword which dealt unbearable damage. Gogoat stumbled before finally falling over. One more Night Slash sealed the deal and Gogoat was defeated.

Ava and Elijah were left in a 2 on 2 against Weepinbell and Jumpluff. Fennekin was very weak but still able to move. Froakie was still suffering from the Leach Seed, but in a better shape that Fennekin. Elijah tapped Ava on the shoulder and told her that Froakie and Fennekin should combine their moves to knock out Weepinbell. She obliged an a combination of Water Pulse and Ember was launched at Weepinbell causing it to finally feint.

All that was left was the perky Jumpluff. The Ember was all Fennekin had left in her. She knelt to the ground once more unable to stand up. It was up to Froakie now. Jumpluff wasn't going down easyily however and used another Acrobatics followed with a Grass Knot. After the damage from Leach Seed, Froakie too was kneeling on the ground in pain.

"You can do it, Froakie. I believe in you!" Elijah called out.

Froakie stood up shaking off the pain and starred Jumpluff deep in the eyes. All of a sudden, a blue aura began surround Froakie and it started to change shape. Elijah smiled, that's why he was planning to use Froakie against Grass-Types.

"Frogadier!" shouted Elijah's newly evolved Pokemon.

"Finish this with..." Elijah begun to say, but Frogadier had other plans. It unleashed a beam of light-blue particles. Ice Beam.

Elijah smiled, Frogadier learned Ice Beam upon evolution. Which was great for fighting Grass-Types. The frozen beam hit the Jumpluff hard causing it to faint instantly. Ramos smiled at the ability of our heroes and returned his feint Pokemon. He gave our heroes a tea with special healing properties for their Pokemon. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out three unique Plant Badges as proof of their victory at the Coumarine City Gym.

"Thanks so much!" Ava said happily as she marveled her shiny, new badge.

Alex and Elijah thanked Ramos as well and slid their badges into their cases.

"If you're looking for your next Gym Battle, Lumiose City is a great place to start." Ramos told him.

Our heroes thanked them and left the Gym content with their recent victory. Elijah pulled Frogadier to the side and said, "You did an awesome job out there, Buddy. Thanks for your help." Frogadier smiled and the two fist bumped in celebration.

Now our heroes head towards Lumiose City in hoped of winning their fifth Gym Badge. They were now halfway to the Kalos League and to a potential victory. However, you can never know who else out there will be aiming for a victory as well.

To Be Continued...