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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Thirty-Eight - Power Outage Part 1

by avae

avae The Thirty-Eighth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F), Gourgeist(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchling(F)
Alex-Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
@Cryronn the Mudkip @RedMew
As we left off, our heroes gathered together to celebrate being best friends. They now begin to make way their way to Lumiose City in order to acquire their fifth Gym Badge in order to enter the Kalos League. Enjoy :)

"Would you two get up already?!" Ava said slapping Elijah and Alex's faces with pillows.

They had crashed at one of the many hotels in Coumarine City after watching the fireworks the night before. Alex moaned and turned over managing to fall right off the bed. Elijah however, managed to catch himself before he went tumbling off.

"I'm getting in the shower. You two get yourselves up and at it." She said walking into the bathroom.

Elijah sat up rubbing his eyes blatantly exhausted. They stayed up late in the night celebrating. He walked over to the closet and picked out a change of clothes for the day. He took to the elevator and rode it to the first floor to bring up some Continental Breakfast on the house. He grabbed all the pancakes, bacon, sausage, toast, and orange juice he could hold and made his way back upstairs.

Alex managed to get himself ready before Elijah came back upstairs. He was lying on his bed checking the map for the road onwards. Elijah sat the breakfast for the three of them on the table in their room and sat down on the couch turning the TV on. Finally, after 10 minutes of watching contestants lose money on The Price is Right, Ava stepped out of the bathroom motioning for one of them that it was open now.

Alex was the last one to take a shower. After spending only 5 minutes in the shower, the lights and everything connected to electricity shut off. Not just in the hotel. The entire City.

Alex burst out of the bathroom fully dressed with his hair still soaked. "What happened??" He asked annoyedly.

"Power must have gone out." Ava said still in the middle of munching on her bacon.

"I get that, but is it just us?" Alex replied.

Elijah starred out the window and on to the city. "Looks like the entire city's power is out." Elijah announced.

Our heroes packed their stuff and headed out into the city, the Mayor was outside informing the locals exactly what was going on. He mentioned something about a failure at the Kalos Power Plant and that it would be resolved shortly.

Someone, presumably another official, walked on stage and whispered to the Mayor. The Mayor had a look horror flash across his face. He then came back onto the microphone and informed the crowd about trouble that had just arose at the Plant and that it may take while now for the power to come back on.

As expected, the crowd burst out in a displeased toned. Our heroes did the typical look at each other before rushing of to wherever the danger lies.

It took our heroes a quick 15 minutes to bolt from Coumarine to the Power Plant. Outside on the Plant, workers were rushing in and out trying to fix whatever the problem was. Our heroes trotted up on to the scene scanning the surrounding area for whatever they thought the problem may be.

As they began walk into all the commotion, a huge explosion took place deep within the Plant. It was heard for miles. Our heroes rushed around to the back of the facility to find their way in. They had to help and those workers sure weren't going to let them.

They found a back exit clear of any workers. They headed down the stairwell and went farther and farther until they saw any sign of danger. Sure enough, they found exactly what they were looking for. One of the doors was blown open with black ash marks on the walls around it. Alex looked at his friends and lead the way to whatever lied ahead.

They bolted down the soot-stained hallway. Thick smoke filled the air making it difficult for out heroes to breath. Elijah threw out Fletchling's Pokeball and the Pokemon created a gust of wind shielding our heroes from the smoke as they dashed through the hallway. They managed to make their way to a gigantic room that held multiple machines that presumably generated electricity seeing as it was a Power Plant they were standing in.

Ava stepped in and looked around for anything that they could see that would be linked to the cause of the explosion. Alex did the same and walked behind the machine. He noticed an orange symbol carved into the wall. It was an orange "F".

To Be Continued...