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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Thirteen - Masquerade Mystery Part 2

by avae

avae The thirteenth episode in Ava's journey throughout the Kalos region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be. (Episodes might start moving to once a week since I'm very busy. I have not stopped though!)

The entire room was filled with shock and horror. A masked figure seemingly floated from outside and onto the stage. He grabbed the microphone from Javier and put it to his mouth, "Attention citizens of Kalos. Today is a very special day for the entire world. I, Parteon, mark my name on the surface of this pathetic planet!" The audience starred at him in utter horror. "For those of you who are unaware of what I do, I am the CEO of the NEW Team Flare! Our only goal is to drive Pokémon and humanity closer together; to form a new and better world!

"So how do you plan on doing that?" Elijah said speaking up. "Great question young man," Parteon replied. "As a matter of fact, why don't you come up here for a second. I don't bite! That hard..." He muttered. Elijah nodded at Ava to say it was going to be alright.

Ava was mortally terrified. She truly hoped nothing would happen to Elijah. She knew he was plenty strong and could handle himself, but that Parteon guy looked as if he was made of pure evil. She clutched the Pokeballs in her pocket. She had no idea what was about to happen next; no one did.

The crowd made a path for Elijah as he walked up onto the stage. Everyone was dead silent. No one moved a muscle. That was, except for Parteon. "Yes, yes! Come my boy, right here to center stage! The show must go on!." Parteon spoke with an evil tone in his voice. Elijah trotted to where Parteon was pointing. "Good, good! Now release a Pokémon and hurry! People are waiting!" Parteon continued. Elijah did what he was told and sent out Scyther. "Ooh a Scyther! Very interesting choice. From Kanto I presume?" Parteon asked curiously. Elijah nodded back.

"Well in that case, here's my choice!" Parteon tossed a peculiar looking Pokeball with a red "F" printed on it. Out of it came a Red Gyarados. It was unlike anything Elijah had even seen. Parteon noticed the look of confusion on Elijah's face and smirked, "You seem a little bewildered. Let me catch you up to speed. My company does research and collects data on everything about Pokémon. During birth, there's a 1/8192 chance that the Pokemon will be off-colored; or shiny. This Gyarados is the shiny version." Elijah nodded. He had to admit, the Pokemon was certainly very cool.

"So what did you bring me up here to do?" Elijah asked growing bored. "To battle of course!" Parteon replied. "If you say so, Scyther use Metal Claw!" Elijah roared. Gyarados countered the attack with Aqua Tail. The attacks were even; no damage was dealt. "Let's try Night Slash this time, Scyther!" Elijah ordered. The attack was a direct hit, but it only seemed to make Gyarados angrier. Gyarados fired back with a very powerful Hyper Beam. Any normal Pokemon would have feinted on spot. However, Scyther was no "normal" Pokemon.

"Combine X-Scissor and Quick Attack, Quick Scissor!" Elijah yelled. Scyther charged at light speed towards Gyarados but just bounced right off of it like a trampoline. Scyther stood up just in time to see another Aqua Tail coming at him. It threw Scyther across the stage. "This has been quite interesting, but it's time to wrap it up! Gyarados use Hyper Beam!" Parteon yelled. A quick flash of bright light filled the stadium and Scyther was unable to battle. Parteon returned Gyarados to its Pokeball and walked over to Elijah.

"The only reason you lost is because Gyarados' power is miles ahead of Scyther's power. If Gyarados were a normal Gyarados and not highly trained, you would have won no doubt. For that, I respect you." Parteon told him. He took the diamond embedded necklace and tossed it to Elijah, "I don't need this. You should take it." Parteon said. With that, he flew back out from where he came from. Javier walked back up onto the stage bewildered from what he just witnessed.

"Well that was certainly not planned. I don't really know what just happened. But it will make for great publicity!" Javier announced into the microphone. Elijah walked over to Scyther lying unconscious on the ground. "I'm sorry buddy, we couldn't have done anything. He's too strong. You did great though, just take some rest you hear?" Elijah said returning Scyther to its Pokeball.

Javier noticed the necklace in Elijah's hands, "Keep it kid. You were brave enough to stand up to him. You deserve it. Plus, with the recent incident, the Masquerade is cancelled for tonight." He told Elijah. Ava ran on stage and over to Elijah. She bent down next to him and hugged him. "You did all you could..." She spoke softly. She had never seen Elijah lose before, she didn't know what that meant to him. "It's not losing that's got me mad, I just hate when my Pokemon lose. It's my fault, they don't deserve it." Elijah replied. "It's okay. Losses shouldn't get you down. Just take what you learned from the loss and improve on it. It's just life." Ava told him.

He looked up and smiled at her. That smile turned into another hug. Elijah always felt happier around Ava. Ava felt the same way.

She noticed the necklace also, "What are you going to do with it?" She asked. Elijah held up the necklace and studied it. He noticed how symmetrical it was. "I have an idea." Elijah replied. He pulled out Scyther's Pokeball once again and tossed it into the air. Scyther still not fully recovered was soon standing right in front of them. "Just one more thing buddy, and then you can get some rest." Elijah said. He tossed the necklace into the air and Scyther got the memo. Scyther took its claw and sliced it right down the middle, cutting it perfectly in half.

He took the half with the chain still attached and placed it around Ava's neck. The took the other half and held it next to her's. Together, they formed a heart. Ava smiled and they hugged a third time.

Today, our heroes met face to face with the mysterious, Parteon, they grew closer together, and Elijah took a huge loss. He may not act like it bothers him, but he'll remember the loss for the rest of his life. It wasn't his first and it wasn't his last, but he was certain it meant something. It had to.

To Be Continued...
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