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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Six - The Ninja Academy

by avae

avae The sixth episode of 14 year-old Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friends and foe to try and become the greatest trainer she can be. Enjoy :)
Ava woke up in a hospital bed feeling extremely drowsy. Elijah was sitting next to her, he looked as if he hadn't slept in a while. "Where am I?" Ava asked. "You're in the hospital. You went unconscious after inhaling too much smoke yesterday. With Officer Jenny's help we got you to the hospital in time. I've been here since. The Doctor said to take it easy when you woke up. You might possibly be able to leave today." Elijah replied.

Ava tried to sit up, but instantly got dizzy. Whatever medications she received took a toll on her. "You should try and get some rest." Elijah continued. "You aren't looking the best." Ava hated to admit it, but she knew he was right. Just then, an arrow hit the side of the window in the room they were staying in. Elijah jumped 7 feet out of his chair, and Ava just started laughing at him. Elijah opened the window up are reached for the arrow. Some kind of note was attached to it. It read:

Dear Trainer,

We have recent news that you stopped Team Flare. Doing this was a great accomplishment. Those people are an evil group of scientists that trick citizens into believing their intentions are for the good of humanity. In reality, they only want to destroy the world in which they live in. We Trainers at the Kalos Ninja Academy have only one goal: To stop them at all costs. If you intend to join us, or at least see what we're about, meet us in Santalune Forest at noon today. We really hope you can join us today.

Ryan Notu - Leader of the Kalos Ninja Academy

Elijah looked up at Ava as he finished reading it allowed. Ava knew what he was thinking, but she was immobile in her current state. "I think you should go. I'm in no shape to be moving, but this could be important." Ava told him. "I don't want to leave you alone." Elijah replied. "I'm okay. I'm in a hospital, it's filled with doctors. Just go, I'm not going anywhere." Ava insisted. Elijah nodded and said goodbye. He had half an hour until noon, and no idea where the forest even was.

He walked into the Town Square and saw a map of the area. According to the map, the Forest was to his right. He later arrived at the entrance to the forest. A nearby clock read 11:45am. He had 15 minutes to get there. He’d better start walking. He'd been trudging along the old dirt paths for 10 minutes and hadn't seen a sign of anything. He was about to give up and go back when all of sudden, clouds of smoke began appearing around him. "Welcome to the Kalos Ninja Academy," said a deep voice somewhere in front of him. He wasn't sure how to react.

The smoke cleared. Standing in front of him was an old man that looked to be in his 60's, and two younger boys to his left and right. "I'm Ryan Notu," said the older man. "These are my best students, Alex and Baron," Elijah nodded, he was still extremely concerned about his current situation, "Uh... Thanks..." The old man looked into sky and made a weird noise that sounded like a bird call. In less than 10 seconds, two dozen other people of all ages, dressed in ninja costumes, were surrounding him.

The old man started off by saying, "We all greatly thank you for your work yesterday. Especially our guardian deity, Greninja." Elijah felt the prescence of something behind him. He turned to see a familiar sight. It was the blue Pokémon who had helped him the day before. "This is Greninja. The greatest ninja to ever reign in the Kalos region. It's sole duty is to protect it's citizens from danger, and work to bring piece along with the Legendary Pokémon, Zygarde."

That name rung in the air like a bell. "Zygarde..." Elijah muttered. He turned to the old man, "That's the Pokémon Team Flare was talking about." The old man nodded, "Their purpose is to use Zygarde to destroy the world, and create a new one, where they lead. Our purpose is to stop them." Elijah turned back to Greninja, "I never got to thank you for yesterday," Elijah told him. Greninja nodded to him as if he accepted it. Elijah pulled out his Pokedex and scanned Greninja. However, the picture in the Pokedex was clearly different from the one standing right in front of him. "This Greninja is a special one indeed." The old man told Elijah. "He belonged to a trainer named Ash Ketchum. Their bond was strong enough that Greninja was able to increase its strength by a substancial amount, and change its appearance." Elijah starred into Greninja's eyes, "Ash-Greninja..." He mumbled. The old man looked surprised, "Yes, that's correct. But how did you know that?" Elijah turned to him with a very serious look in his eyes, "Because he belonged to my father."

Ava couldn't fall asleep again so she insisted on watching TV. She saw a commercial for a Pokémon Showcase that would take place in a months time. Maybe Elijah would take me to it... She thought. Just then, the Doctor treating her walked through the door. "How are you feeling?" He asked her. "A lot better than when I woke up, that's for sure." She responded. The Doctor laughed, "Do you feel good enough to stand up and walk around?" He asked her. Ava nodded and stood up without any trouble. The dizziness had subsided, and she felt as good as new. Half an hour later, she was standing outside the Hospital and heading to the Forest to track down Elijah.

The Old Man looked stunned, "I knew something was special about you from the moment you stepped foot on the island. So did Geninja. Your presence has caused all of Kalos to change " Elijah turned back to Greninja, he heard stories from his father about this Pokémon before, Elijah just assumed he was making it up. But he knew one thing was for sure, this was his Father's Pokémon. Greninja suddenly jumped high into the trees, and then motioned Elijah to follow it. It began hopping deeper and deeper into the Forest. Elijah had no choice but to follow, leaving the other ninjas behind. Greninja could traverse the tree tops like nothing. Elijah struggled to keep up on the ground. They soon arrived at a huge lake surrounded by a grove of trees. In the lake were dozens of different species of Pokémon. However, sitting atop a rock in the center, was a small, blue frog Pokémon, similar to Greninja. The Pokedex read it as 'Froakie'. Greninja motioned for the Froakie to come over to them, and it obeyed. Greninja then pointed to the empty Pokeballs on Elijah's belt. Greninja wanted Elijah to the catch Froakie. Elijah obeyed and took a hold of one of the Pokeballs and set it on the ground. To his surprise, Froakie walked over and tapped the small, white button on the front of it. Froakie was caught.

Ava arrived at the entrance to the Santalune Forest. She wasn't sure whether she should venture in or not. She could potentially get lost inside. Plus, she told Elijah she would wait for him outside the forest. She noticed a booth of accessory items for people and Pokémon to her right. In an instant, she was already picking out clothes and apparel for her and her Pokémon. Shopping was her guilty pleasure, without a doubt.

Elijah said goodbye to Greninja and the Ninja Academy students, and walked out of the forest with his new partner. He noticed a commotion to his left. It had 'Ava' written all over it. He hurried over before she could destroy something, or worse, keep shopping.