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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Nine - The Battle Palace Part 3

by avae

avae The ninth episode in Ava's journey throughout the Kalos region. She'll face friend and foe to become the best Pokémon trainer she can possibly be.
As we left off, our heroes had successfully completed the second round by winning the first series of double battles. With excellent teamwork and strategy they overcame the challenge and are now moving on to the third round consisting of another double battle. Only four teams remain in the Battle Palace Tournament. Do our heroes have what it takes to win? We'll just have to wait and find out.

Spectators raced around the Palace trying to find seats to watch the last two battles of the third round. Ava and Elijah made it to their arena first. Always early. Their opponents weren't far behind arriving seconds after they did. Finally, all the third round contestants had arrived at their spots. It was time to begin.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen, it is time to begin the third round of this incredible tournament!" Olivia said over the announcements. "Trainers, release your Pokémon!" And with that, the 8 remaining contestants chucked their Pokeballs high into the air. "Begin!" Olivia roared.

An hour later both battles had ended. Ava and Elijah pulled off their third victory and were moving on to the finals. The last battles hadn't been that hard for the two teens, but things were about to change. The room started moving as if it were on a conveyor belt. The two remaining battlefields were transformed into one gigantic battlefield. The rows of bleachers surrounded it. The Tournament staff went all out with this battle.

Alan came over the intercom once again, "Congratulations to the two remaining teams for making it this far in the Tournament! The battles this far have been spectacular!" He looked over to Elijah. Elijah noticed this. "You all have shown incredible skill and wits. Some more than others. However, all this will be proven in this next battle. The participants include the team of Ava and Elijah who will face off against the team off Alice and Ian. I wish you all the best of luck in this next battle. You many release your Pokémon." Alan continued. Both teams sent out their battling partners. Ava and Elijah using Eevee and Froakie as before, and their opponents, Alice and Ian, sent out Feraligator and Typhlosion.

"Battle, Begin!" announced the referee. Alan studied Elijah very closely, he sensed something in him.

Typhlosion and Feraligator were 3 times the size of Eevee and Froakie. They would have to use more than sheer power to win this battle. Feraligator used Water Gun straight up into the air. Both Eevee and Froakie looked up to see where it was going to land. While they were distracted, Typhlosion used Flamethrower, landing a direct hit on our heroes' Pokémon. Just then, the Water Gun from before landed right on top of them, dealing a very good amount of damage. Cheap move... Thought Elijah.

Ava knew they had to do something before were defeated in mere minutes. She had an idea, "Eevee let Froakie hop on your back!" She shouted. Elijah had no idea where this is going, but he and Froakie obeyed. Froakie climbed onto Eevee's back and they took off toward the opposite end of the arena. Surrounding the arena were a dozen or so Quartz Columns. Eevee found a tight spot between two of the Columns and bounced between the two to ascend upwards. Once they got high enough, Eevee leaped off one of the pillars towards Feraligator and Typhlosion with Froakie on her back.

Elijah now understood what she was doing. "Froakie, leap off of Eevee and throw your Frubbles at their feet! Then, follow that with Water Pulse!" He commanded. Soon, both Typhlosion and Feraligator were glued to the arena floor from Froakie's Frubbles. Eevee was still descending from her Leap of Faith and now had and open chance to attack as well. "Eevee, follow up that Water Pulse with Swift!" Ava pleaded. Both Water Pulse and Swift made a direct hit on the other team.

Alan smiled at our heroes' strategy. He silently left the balcony he was watching from and proceeded to head downstairs

Our heroes' strategy may have been a good one, but the battle still wasn't over. Typhlosion managed to melt the Frubbles with its intense heat, freeing both itself and Feraligator. Eevee and Froakie regained themselves and prepared for the upcoming attacks. Weirdly enough, the attacks never came. All four Pokémon stood still waiting for someone to make a move. "I don't sit and wait," Elijah said. "Froakie use Quick Attack on Feraligator!" Froakie dashed with incredible speed towards Feraligator shoving it a little bit. While Feraligator was briefly stunned from the attack, Eevee followed up with Tackle, knocking it to its knees.

Typhlosion used Flame Wheel and spiraled towards Eevee and light speed. Eevee wasn't going to be able to dodge that, so Froakie had to do something about it. He quickly threw more Frubbles in the direction of Eevee to try and slow Typhlosion down. Sadly, this wasn't very effective, and Eevee was sent flying. Froakie leapt and caught Eevee before she hit the ground. Neither Ava nor Eevee were going to give up yet. Elijah nodded at Ava and continued his assault. Froakie sent a series of Water Pulses in Typhlosion's direction. All of which made contact.

They had to find a way to deal more damage and faster. "Ava, we need to combine our attacks to deal more damage." Elijah shouted to his partner. Ava nodded, "Alright then, Eevee, use Swift!" Froakie combined his Water Pulse with Eevee's Swift to deal a great amount of damage. Froakie then followed up with Pound making Feraligator fly straight into Typhlosion. "Both Feraligator and Typhlosion are unable to battle, the winners are Ava and Elijah!" Roared the referee.
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