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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Fourteen - The Cave of Lost Souls

by avae

avae The fourteenth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be. (Episodes will become more spread out. I don't know exactly when an episode will go out, just whenever I feel like it. I do promise at least once a week. Sorry).
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava- Fennekin(F), Eevee(F)
Elijah- Scyther(M), Froakie(M)
As we left off, our heroes were confronted by the evil leader of the NEW Team Flare, Parteon. Elijah battles him and ended up walking away with defeat. Because our hero did something about the threat, they rewarded him with a diamond necklace. He split it in half and gave one half to Ava. Now our heroes continue their journey to Cyllage City home of the upcoming Pokemon Showcase and our heroes' next Gym Battle. Enjoy.

Our heroes continued down the long stretch of dirt road on their way to Cyllage City. "Are we close?" Ava whined. "It feels like we've been walking forever..." Elijah laughed, "Do you see those mountains over there?" He asked pointing directly in front of them. Ava nodded, "Yes, I see them." "Well on the other side is Cyllage City." Elijah replied. "Finally..." She sighed. "But..." Elijah continued. "We have to travel through The Cave of Lost Souls."

Ava stopped in her tracks, "The Ca.. Cave of Sou... Souls?" She asked stuttering. "That's right. Says in this guide book it's one of the most haunted places in the Kalos Region." Elijah replied. "That's what I'm scared of..." Ava said shaking. Ava's biggest fears are ghosts and crowded grocery stores. "Are you sure.. There's no other way around?" She asked curiously. Elijah looked over at her, "Unless you want to walk another 2 days. Don't worry, the ghosties won't mess with you. You're too pretty." Elijah replied.

Ava blushed, "Hopefully you're right."

A little while later, the arrived at the mouth of the eerie cave. An old man sat on a nearby bench just outside the cavern. "If y'all be headin' in this here cave, you best be heading the opposite way. This place is filled to the brim with ghosts, monsters, and everything in-between." The mysterious man said. Ava turned to Elijah, "You sure we should go in there? You heard the man." Elijah nodded, "We'll be fine. I'm right here with you." Ava turned to talk to the old man once again, but he was gone without a trace, "L.. L... Let's get out of here!" She exclaimed. "I... I'm with you!" Elijah replied. They both bolted into the cave. Hopefully they could find the exit in a quick amount of time.

After a couple minutes of continuous running throughout the tunnels, our heroes stopped to catch their breath. "How... Much... Further?" Ava asked panting. "Shouldn't be... Much longer..." Elijah replied also out of breath. The continued down the dark, terrifying caverns, this time walking. Moments later, the heard an evil laugh coming from deep with in the mountain. "We better move quicker..." Ava said nervously. Elijah agreed and they both began quickly moving towards the exit.

Something seemed strange. It seemed no matter how far or long they walked, they couldn't never make any progress. "Haven't you noticed we seem to be walking in circles?" Ava asked. "Yeah I have. It makes no sense though, we've been walking in the same direction this whole time. We haven't made a single turn." Elijah replied.

"Hello.." said a voice from behind our heroes. Both Ava and Elijah jumped 10 feet in the air. The quickly turned to see the old man from before. "You all seem to be in a predicament I see. The only way to escape this cave is to trust in each other." The old man told them. The torch Elijah was carrying dispersed of its flame in an instant. Darkness filled the cave, "Elijah?!?" Ava screamed terrified.

Elijah grabbed her hand and she jumped a little. "It's okay I'm right here. I don't have a way to light the torch back. so we're going to have to continue without it." He told her. She gripped his hand tighter, "Alright. He said we need to trust in each other correct? Let's go then." She replied. Our heroes continued walking, this time in complete darkness.

About 5 minutes later they both noticed a light at the end of the path ahead of them. The took of in a full sprint to the end. The light grew closer. All of a sudden, they were outside. In front of them was a huge sign:

Welcome to Cyllage City!
Our heroes turned to look at each other; they had made it. With their fears left behind, the took off into the heart of the city. The Cyllage City Pokemon Showcase was tomorrow. They'd better get some rest.

Behind them stood the old man. He stood still watching our heroes walk off into the sunset. He smiled. then disappeared. This time for good..

To Be Continued...
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