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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Forty-Two - The Research Center

by avae

avae The Forty-Second episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F), Gourgeist(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchling(F)
Alex-Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
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Ava was up bright and early preparing for today's very special event. She had purchased tickets for herself and the boys to go and visit a nearby Research Center that had just finished being constructed. The Center was offering tours that showcased everything that they did at the lab.

Ava, being a girl of science and facts, became overwhelmed with excitement when they announced they were giving tours. She quickly purchased the tickets and began waiting in eager anticipation.

Alex and Elijah slowly awoke on their own and were both very surprised to see Ava up this early. Even for something she was very excited about.

"Someone's excited about today huh?" asked Alex.

"Of course. You know how much I like this kind of stuff." Ava replied matter-of-factly.

Hours passed and our heroes stood in front of the sliding, glass doors to the Lab. Elijah had never seen Ava with a bigger smile on her face than she did at that moment.

A man in a white coat stepped to the opposite side of the doors and punched something in on a keypad on the wall. Seconds later later, the glass doors slid open revealing a seemingly new world of artificial landscapes, complicated machinery, and busy lab assistants. The man in the lab coat introduced himself and Tom, the Lab Executive.

"You three must be the tourists I'm supposed to show around the lab today." Tom assumed.

The three teens nodded in sync and Tom motioned them inside. He turned to punch something else on the keypad that closed the doors behind them.

"Why do you have to use keycodes to open the doors? Wouldn't it be more convenient to just use an automated system?" Alex asked curiously.

"Well, you see..." Tom began to say before he was interrupted by Ava.

"They use keycoded doors to prevent outside air from coming is as much as possible. The air outside is much different than the type they use to create the artificial habitats you see around you. A mix of these airs could be very harmful to not only the environments, but the Pokemon within the environments." Ava replied not looking at Alex but instead with eyes focused on her surroundings.

Tom looked at Ava very impressed. It was clear that she knew more than the average individual.

The first part of the tour consisted of looking at all the different environments the Lab had to offer. There were small recreations of a desert, forest, arctic, tundra, beach, ocean, mountains, and caverns. Each habitat housed many different types of Pokemon of all types.

Alex and Elijah looked curiously at all the different types of Pokemon. They may not be into the whole science aspect of the tour, but they couldn't resist seeing all the different Pokemon. Alex noticed something out of the corner of his eye when they were studying the cavern habitat. It was a green Zubat, very different from the normal Zubat they saw often.

"What's up with that Zubat?" Alex asked curiously.

"Some Pokemon, when born, appear to be a different coloration than their normal species is categorized as. These Pokemon are referred to as their Shiny variation. All Pokemon, Legendary or Normal has either a Normal or Shiny Variation. Similar to your Aegislash's color. being different than a normal Aegislash. Your Aegislash is a Shiny." Ava replied informatively.

Alex nodded in understanding. "Sweet!" He replied.

Tom was once again very impressed with Ava's knowledge. "She'll grow up to be a fantastic scientist one day..." Tom thought.

The second half of the door involved interacting with the Pokemon in the Lab. Tom took out 3 Pokeballs and threw them into the air. The three Pokemon that came out were an Aurorus, Tyrantrum, and the Shiny Zubat from before.

Tom revealed that each of these Pokemon have been recently suffering strange problems and it was their goal to identify the problems and find a solution.

Ava walked up to the towering Aurorus and gently reached her hand out to pet it signifying to Aurorus that she was its friend. Aurorus growled in soreness and Ava noticed this.

"You're in pain I can see. The question is where exactly." Ava stated.

Ava then noticed Aurorus was clutching its stomach with its tail signalling to Ava it was stomach pains that was the problem. She quickly reached into the bag and revealed a mutli-colored liquid made from a variety of berries and other herbal ingredients. She fed to Aurorus and it seemed to have immediate effect. Aurorus instantly brightened up and licked Ava on the face in appreciation.

Alex and Elijah, however, were not having the best of luck. Elijah went to help the Tyrantrum which he decided was suffering from a splinter in its foot causing its rage level to dramatically increase. The problem was, Elijah couldn't get close enough to pull the splinter with almost getting clobbered.

And Alex deduced that Zubat's wing was injured causing its flight to be abnormal. However, zubat wouldn't land on the ground in fear of being harmed again causing Alex to not be able to reach it.

Elijah decided to solve his problem the only way he knew how: with Pokemon. He quickly sent out Frogadier and told it to use its Fruffles to stop Tyrantrum in place. It did the trick and Elijah was able to quickly pull the splinter out and calm the large Pokemon down.

Alex saw Elijah's use of Pokemon and decided to do the same. He sent out his Shiny Aegislash and hopped on its back. Aegislash carried Alex into the air where was able to reach and bandage Zubat's wing unlike before.

Tom was impressed with everyone's performance today, especially Ava's. As out heroes thanks Tom for the tour and were about to leave, Tom told our heroes to wait up as he had a farewell gift. He returned with a weird oval-shaped object in a glass case. Ava knew exactly what it was, but Alex and Elijah weren't as quick to pick up what exactly it was.

"Ava, for your incredible knowledge in Pokemon Science and care-giving, I have decided to give you this newly produced egg from one of the Pokemon here. I won't tell you what Pokemon is inside, but I have no worry you'll know exactly how to take of whatever it is." Tom announced.

Ava's face was filled with so many emotions she wasn't sure what to do. She awkwardly reached out to take the egg and thanked Tom excessively. The boys congratulated Ava on her new found friend in the egg and our heroes continued off on their journey to Lumiose City.

To Be Continued...
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