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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Forty-One - Training Session

by avae

avae The Forty-First episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F), Gourgeist(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchling(F)
Alex-Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
@Cryronn the Mudkip @RedMew
* Sorry for the last few weird episodes. I was in a rush to get something out, so they didn't turn out as great as I would have liked them to *

As we left off, our heroes were hot on the seen of the cause of a major power outage in Coumarine City. They investigate the Kalos Power Plant and saw signs that Team Flare stole the Lumose Crystal, the main source of energy for the Kalos Region, to use for their own evil plans. Our heroes ended up being arrested because the workers thought they were the ones who took the Crystal. After all hopes were lost about getting out of jail, Parteon, the new leader of Team Flare, paid the 1 million dollar bail to free them. The reasoning behind this is currently unknown, but it no doubt has to do with Parteon's dream of making our heroes fail during the final showdown. Enjoy :)

Our heroes were gathered around a small table munching on their breakfast. The plates of pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and sausage were almost completely empty. Ava was browsing her Pokedex looking at where they were going to have to go to reach Lumiose City for their fifth Gym Battle. Elijah and Alex were still devouring their food when Ava got a notification from one of the many magazine companies she was subscribed to.

The notification talked about a special one-day training camp designed to help improve teamwork skills between two people. She thought for a second then signed both Elijah and Alex in to participate.

"Hurry up and finish your food boys. You have a team-building exercise in an hour." Ava said as she stood up to go and pack her stuff from their hotel room.

Alex and Elijah stopped eating and turned to look at each other both very confused.

An hour passed and our heroes stood at the entrance to the Kalos Teamwork Camp. It was just a simple old booth in the middle of the route. Next to them stood many other groups of people no doubt participating in the event as well. Just then, an official of the program stepped out to revealing exactly what would be going down in this event.

"Hello! My name is John and I am the sole founder of this event. The importance of our event is to test the teamwork and cooperation skills between two individuals. You and your partner will race against 9 other teams to the end of the marked trail. There will be many obstacles and puzzles in the way that you will only be able to pass with the help of your partner. Whatever team reaches the end first is the winner. Take your positions. The race begins in 2 minutes. Oh, and one more thing: You many not use your Pokemon." John announced.

Alex and Elijah sighed at the last part of that statement. They handed their Pokeballs to Ava to keep safe. Ava would be watching them from a set of bleachers. There were monitors which recorded the race for those not participating to view.

After giving Ava their Pokeballs, the boys walked to their assigned spot on the starting line. As soon as the whistle was blown, our heroes rushed off into the unknown with hopes of victory present.

The boys came upon the first obstacle. It was a river with extremely rough rapids. They noticed a group of wooden canoes to the side and immediately went to grab one. They hauled it into the water and began rowing their way across.

They soon began to realize that they were not going to win if they weren't cooperating. Alex was rowing faster than sonic and Elijah was doing a nice gentle stroke.

"Pick up the pace! We're going to lose!" Alex shouted to Elijah

"Rowing fast won't help us. Giving the boat time to move with slower and bigger strokes is more efficient. Plus, we won't waste much energy." Elijah responded.

Alex sighed but listened to him. Elijah was the leading canoe/boating expert of the group. After a series of synchronized rows, they finally made it to the other side, just behind 2 other teams.

Ava smiled. She was proud of those two learning to work together. The rowing reminded her of the time Elijah and herself were caught in a situation like that.

The second obstacle was a small stone building. They couldn't go around it due to the barbed wire keeping them from going forward. Their only choice was to go inside. In the building itself were two separate hallways. One was marked "Teammate 1" the other "Teammate 2". Elijah stepped into the right hallway and Alex the left.

There was a wall between the two preventing them from seeing each other. They only thing they could do was keep moving forward.

Alex came upon what looked to be some sort of central room. It was wide and open. He noticed a glass wall cutting straight through the center. On the other side of the wall was Elijah.

"Hey! Can you hear me?" Alex shouted to Elijah

"Yeah, but it's very soft!" Elijah shouted back.

At the end of both sides of the room were two metal doors; they way out. On the floor of Alex's room was a map of some sort. It was a picture of a bunch of square tiles some were white and other were red.

One Elijah's floor was a bunch of tiles that were identical to those on the map over by Alex. Elijah tested the tiles by placing his foot on one. The tile immediately crumbled away, below looked to be an endless pit.

"What do we do?" Elijah asked curiously.

"Well I have a map over here. I think I'm supposed to guide you across." Alex replied.

Elijah shrugged and Alex began saying aloud what squares he had to step on. Elijah followed his instructions and made it safely across. At the end was a lever of which he pulled. Both doors opened simultaneously and the two trainers dashed on careful to not fall behind the other competitors.

The challenge seemed simple enough. There was another river, this time without rapids. Instead, there were white, spherical stones across the surface. They had to hop on them one by one to make it across. They moved in synch one foot after the others. However, one of the stones about half way across was covered with water causing Alex to lose his footing and slip. Elijah quickly grabbed him before he went tumbling into the water and they carried on their way.

They were just about to reach the other side when, from out of nowhere, came an angry looking Feraligator. It popped it's head out the water looking for whatever was causing the racket above. It noticed our two heroes and gave a loud roar. Just then, a half dozen other angry Feraligator appeared from depths. They began to fire different water-type attacks in the direction of our heroes. One stone after the next, they managed to safely make it to the other side and away from the Feraligators. That was close...

Ava continued to cheer and smile as her friends worked their way through the course. She could already tell how much closer those two had grown to each other. They were beginning to make a really good team.

Alex turned around briefly to see if another team was gaining on them. As the standings current stood, they were in first place. However, just as Alex had suspected, a team was only a dozen or so meters behind them and gaining. Apparently they made it past the Feraligators unharmed as well.

The next and final obstacle looked quite confusing. There were 10 swimming pools all identical in shape. One for each team our heroes assumed. Inside each small pool of water were different objects. No doubt each item was needed to solve whatever puzzle this happened to be.

Our heroes didn't see any diving suits for the water, so they assumed they were going to have to continuously come up for air. No doubt an intentional factor decided by from the creators of the event. They both took their clothes off until they only had their shorts on and dove in.

On one side of the pool (and yes, they're legitimate swimming pools) was a red button with wire connecting to some other part of the pool. Alex swam over to it to see what would happen if he pressed the button. All it did was make something flash with light on the other side of the pool. Elijah decided to swim to the light and see what was over there.

The light ended up coming from none other than a lightbulb. However, connected to the lightbulb was some water-resistant control panel. On the panel were a series of buttons and a few levers. Elijah turned to Alex and motioned him to swim up so they could talk to each other.

Elijah swam to the surface taking a deep breath before talking. "There's some kind of control panel connected to a lightbulb which made that light we saw. I'm guess I have to press some specific input of button to make whatever is supposed to happen, happen." Elijah told Alex.

"Well what should I do then? All I have on my side is the button. There's nothing else I can see." Alex replied.

"Maybe whenever you press the button it will give me some kind of hint as to what I need to press." Elijah offered.

"Well it's worth a shot I guess." Alex responded before diving down once again.

Elijah followed his lead and went back down to that control panel. He waited for the light to flash on. When it finally did, he looked to see if anything else happened when the button was pressed. He noticed a very feint light behind one of the many buttons on the device. He pushed it down to see what would happen.

Upon pressing the button, two other buttons lit up. Elijah pressed one of the newly lit buttons and it flashed red. He sighed and tried the other button that had lit up. It also flashed red. He then went back to the first button and pressed it again. This time it lit up green and highlighted the same two buttons once more. Elijah was finally beginning to understand how this worked, or so he thought.

The two trainers emerged from the water yet again to discuss what to do.

"When you pressed your button, one of my buttons lit up. When I pressed it, it lit up two more buttons. I think I'm supposed to press them in a certain order. If I mess up, they flash red and I have to start all over again." Elijah told Alex.

Alex nodded and dived under once again with Elijah following his lead. Elijah pressed the same first button yet again and it lit the same two up once more. He pressed the other button this time and it lit up 3 more buttons. He sighed and took a gamble and actually ended up picking the correct one on his first shot.

Just then, The water level of the pool began decreasing. The water completely filtered out leaving nothing left but a few small puddles on the pool floor. Our heroes stood confused about what exactly just happened.

John, the official event host, stepped forward and shouted down to our heroes from above them. He and Ava stood at the pool edge smiling down at Elijah Alex who were shivering from the cold wind.

"Congratulations! You two are the first team to complete all the tasks. You are the winners!" John announced.

Our heroes would have been more excited if it weren't for the fact that they were about to become popsicles standing there drenched. Ava tossed their clothes down so they could gain some warmth back while john lowered a ladder down for them to climb back up.

Upon climbing up the ladder and getting back on the ground, the were greeted by everyone else who was at the event with applause and congratulations.

John walked up to them and handed them each their own golden medal with "1st Place" written on it. They were each also given free tickets to the Lumiose City Pokemon Showcase which would be taking place in 2 weeks from now. Our heroes thanked John and the rest of the people there and continued on their way to Lumiose. They now had something else to look forward to on their long journey ahead.

To Be Continued...