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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Forty-Eight - Storm Surged Part 2

by avae

avae The Forty-Eighth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be. Sidenote: I wrote this entire episode and somehow the page refreshed while I was making some improvements/changes and I lost everything. Keeping saves from now on. Had to rewrite from the best of my memory. So pissed lmao. Not even the first time this is happened and I dont know what causes the page to refresh but I need to figure it out because oml this episode took so long to write and was really good and now it's all gone. I should prob just write it in google docs or something and then copy it over bc im so heated rn.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava- Fennekin(F), Eevee(F), Gourgeist(F), Mysterious Egg
Elijah- Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchling(F)
Alex- Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
Macy- Primarina(F), Glaceon(F), Goodra(M), Noivern(M), Scizor(M), Magmortar(F)
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"So who's next?" Clemont asked.

"I'll go it that's alright." Elijah insisted.

"Yeah sure. Go for it." Alex replied.

Elijah stepped up to his side of the battlefield. Clemont raised both of his hands, each containing a Pokeball.

“As your friend did previously, you get to choose your opponent.” Clemont insisted. He motioned for Elijah to pick one of the two remaining Pokeballs.

Elijah pointed to the one on his right and Clemont nodded. He took the ball Elijah had chosen and tossed it into the air.

Out came an energized Magneton that was ready for battle. Elijah nodded and selected his partner to battle, Fletchling.

Fletchling came soaring out of its Pokeball roaring for battle.

The referee took his spot once again and gave the word, “Battle Begin!” He shouted.

“Magneton, use Electric Terrain!” Clemont stated. The stadium was covered with a cloud of electricity.

“What is that?” Alex asked curiosuly.

“Electric Terrain that boosts Electric-Type attacks greatly and also prevents Pokemon from falling asleep. That last part doesn’t really matter though since neither of them know moves that put the other to sleep.” Ava replied.

“Right. This is bad for Fletchling though. It’s already weak to Electric-Type attacks without the Terrain. Any hit from a Thunderbolt or move like it means massive damage.” Macy continued.

Alex nodded and began praying Elijah knew what he was doing.

Macy knew that Elijah was a great battler and hoped he knew what he was doing. He surely knew that Fletchling was a bad choice for the battle.

“He has a plan…” Macy thought.

Ava knew it too she knew Elijah always had something up his sleeve.

“Fletchling, use Agility!” Elijah said calling out his first move of the fight.

Fletchling raced around the stadium, increasing its speed stat by a ton.

“Great now use Quick Attack!” Elijah called out.

Fletchling shot like a rocketed towards Magneton. It made contact and Magneton was shot back towards the wall, but managed to avoid crashing into it. Magneton use the force of the attack and shot back towards Fletchling and used a powerful Thunderbolt which struck Fletchling.

Fletching plummeted out of the air from the incredible damage it received from the attack. It laid on the ground unable to move from paralysis.

Clemont chuckled. “It’s going to take more than a little speed to defeat me.” Clemont knew he had this battle in the bag. All it took was one more shot.

“Thunderbolt once more, Magneton!” Clemont shouted.

The bolt of lightning shot towards Fletchling who was lying unable to move on the ground, or so everyone else thought. Everyone except Elijah that it.

Elijah grinned and Macy and Ava saw it. “Fletchling, now!” Elijah called out.

Fletchling opened its eyes and shook of the paralysis. It then used Quick Attack on the ground in which it used the force to shoot back into the sky and avoid the Thunderbolt.

Clemont was shocked and our heroes cheered on their friend who had somehow managed to turn this battle back around.

“The battle starts now. Fletchling use…” Elijah began to say before he was interrupted by a burst of light in the sky.

Fletchling evolved.

The entire Gym was silent. No one had expected this.

Elijah quickly disregarded the shock and continued the battle. The Electric Terrain had faded away. This was his chance.

“Awesome, Fletchinder!” Elijah yelled.

Fletchinder, without command, flew towards Magneton and hit it with a massive Ember attack, a new move.

“You learned Ember too, incredible,” Elijah stated. “Let’s try it again then. Use Quick Attack and Ember together, Quick Ember!”

The combination move caused Magneton to dropout of the sky. The battle was over. Elijah had won.

Alex and Ava stood up cheering and Macy sat on the bench smiling and clapping. She was impressed. They all were.

Elijah thanked Clemont and took his new badge with pride while trotting over to his friends.

Alex patted him on the back and Ava gave him a hug. Macy remained seated and congratulated him.

It was now time for the final battle: Alex vs. Clemont.

Alex received a wish of luck from his friends and strutted over to his place on the battlefield.

Clemont called out to him, “Your two friends before you did really well and earn their badges. Can you follow them up?”

“Well duh. I’m a lot better than Ms. Copycat and Mr. SaveMyFinalPlanUntilTheLastSecondAndRiskEverythingOnIt over there.” Alex replied jokingly.

Elijah up his head in his hands in embarrassment and Ava closed her eyes and sighed. Macy giggled a little bit, at least she thought it was funny.

“Well, we’ll see about that. Your friends left you with this last Pokemon to battle,” Clemont continued. “Let’s see how you fair against it. It’s my strongest partner.”

“I’m ready for it, Sparky.” Alex retorted.

Clemont nodded and threw his last remaining Pokeball into the air. Out came his prized Heliolisk.

Alex nodded and sent out a Pokemon of his own, out came his Incineroar who Elijah and Ava had only ever seen once and never seen it battle before.

The referee took his position for the last time and gave the word again, “Battle. Begin!”

“Incineroar, use Flamethrower!” Alex called right off the bat.

Heliolisk was engulfed in flames and damaged repeatedly.

“Heliolisk, use Quick Attack to get out of the blaze and then use Thunderbolt to counter!” Clemont commented.

Heliolisk obeyed and escaped the blaze, launching a Thunderbolt shortly after which made contact with Incineroar. Strangely however, Incineroar just stood there with a smile on its face looking completely unharmed even though it just suffered a powerful shock.

“Huh?” Elijah asked confusedly.

“It’s Incineroar’s unique personality. Even though it sustains damage, it stands proudly and acts as if it was unharmed. It’s helpful in confusing your opponents and making them lose their confidence. Don’t make a mistake though, it definitely felt that hit.” Macy, the current Alolan expert of the gang, replied.

“Wow. Alolan Pokemon are sure neat.” Ava replied.

Alex grinned. “Flare Blitz on the double!”

Incineroar obeyed and Heliolisk was struck with a Flare Blitz. Incineroar then followed up with a Cross Chop which dealt heavy amounts of damage.

Heliolisk flinched from pain and was knocked to its knees, unable to get up.

“Let’s finish this, Incineroar. One more Flare Blitz!” Alex shouted.

Incineroar listened and charged at Heliolisk who was knelt on the ground with a burning Flare Blitz.

Clemont grinned and shouted, “Now use Quick Attack on the ground!”

Just as Fletchling did in the previous battle, Heliolisk used the force of the Quick Attack to launch itself in the air ultimately avoiding the second Flare Blitz. Incineroar missed its target and slammed into the ground, sustaining massive recoil damage.

Heliolisk then followed up with a midair Thunderbolt which connected with Incineroar who was still recovering on the ground from the missed attack. Heliolisk proceeded to land safely on the ground and fall back to the opposing side of the battlefield.

“I learned that move from you!” Clemont said pointing to Elijah.

Elijah was impressed. He pulled it off first try. Good for him.

“Alright, alright. It was a good move so what. The battle isn’t over.” Alex said while Incineroar proceeded to rise from the ground.

“Indeed it is not.” Clemont replied.

“Now it’s time for you to check out my move.” Alex shouted.

He lifted up his shirt sleeve and revealed a white-bracelet with a sparkling red crystal in it, identical to Macy’s.

Macy eyes widened immediately. She thought she was the only one in Kalos that had one.

Elijah and Ava were also shocked. They didn’t really know what was about to happen.

Alex touched the crystal on the bracelet and it began to emit a red glow. Alex then began to perform a series of strange positions that of which Incineroar imitated. He then called out the move, “Malicious Moonsault!” Alex cried.

Incineroar was surrounded by a fiery aura and launched itself into the sky. It came crashing down in an explosion of fire and heliolisk fainted instantly. Alex was the victor.

Elijah stood up immediately and shouted cheers for his friends. Ava followed right after giving her cheers as well.

Macy sat still not believing someone else possessed a Z-Ring in Kalos.

Alex high-fived his incineroar and returned it to its Pokeball. He strolled over to Clemont and thanked him, receiving his badge in hand.

He strolled back over to his friends who congratulated him even more. Macy remained quiet.

“What was that move? And what’s with the weird stances? And the bracelet? Is it the same thing Macy has?” Elijah asked.

“Slow down. He can’t answer your questions if you ask them all at the same time.” Ava said sighing.

“Right sorry.” Elijah said scratching his head in embarrassment.

“But really. What was that?” He asked again.

“It’s a Z-Move,” Macy said out of the blue to our heroes surprise. “It’s a native ability of the Alola Region. It’s the extent of a Pokemon’s power and can only be used once per battle and leaves the user tired using a lot of energy. Every Type contains its own Z-Move. And sometimes, a Pokemon has its very own Z-Move it can use, like Primarina and Incineroar. There are many others with their own Z-Move as well. And why Alex has a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal I’m not sure.”

Alex chuckled. “You’re not the only one here who has been to Alola and completed the trials. I came here to Kalos from Alola to continue my Pokemon journey.”

Macy shrugged. He was right. She had a new opponent to worry about in the Kalos League now. “Congratulations anyhow.” She said smiling.

Elijah also realized that his friend and rival now was one step above him. He couldn’t use a Z-Move. There had to be another way to get on his level…

To Be Continued...
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