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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Fifty-Two - Ghost Stories

by avae

avae The Fifty-Second episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava- Fennekin(F), Sylveon(F), Gourgeist(F), Mysterious Egg
Elijah- Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchinder(F)
Alex- Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
Macy- Primarina(F), Glaceon(F), Goodra(M), Noivern(M), Scizor(M), Magmortar(F)
@Cryronn the Mudkip @Sylvious
As we left off, our heroes continued their trek to Laverre City to win their 6th Gym Badge. They stopped at an abandoned playground for a quick rest and Ava soon found herself face to face with a bad memory from her past that came back to haunt her. After making up with the ghost of her previous friend, she was forgiven. Now our heroes find themselves in the midst of a terrible storm. They’re on the lookout for some place to shelter up for the night. Enjoy :)

“My hair is getting soaked!” Macy complained loudly as they ran.

“There’s gotta be some dry place nearby to stay out the storm.” Alex stated.

“Hopefully…” Ava replied optimistically.

Our heroes dashed through the thick woods that was in between them and Laverre City. Elijah spotted something out of the corner of his eye and told the group.

“Hey! There’s some kind of old house over there!” Elijah called to the group pointing at it.

The others nodded and they made tracks in its direction.

“Finally… Some place… Dry.” Alex said out of breath.

Our heroes stood under the dimly lit porch huddled together for warmth.

“Man this place is creepy.” Ava stated referring to the house.

“It may be creepy but at least my hair isn’t getting wet.” Macy replied trying to squeeze the rain water out of her hair.

“Guess we should knock.” Elijah said beginning to bang his fist on the old, wooden door.

The door squeaked opened creepily upon impact. Our heroes looked amongst each other and Elijah began to slowly walk in.

“Hello? Anyone home? My friends and I came in for shelter from the rain. The door opened by itself so we decided to come in.” Elijah called out to anyone who happened to be in the house.

The door slammed shut behind them causing our heroes to jump.

“Yep... Definitely creepy…” Alex said following up Ava’s previous statement.

“Welcome!” An eerie voice said from inside the house.

Our heroes jumped higher than the last time and turned to see an older man sitting in a recliner by the fireplace.

“Sorry to barge in sir. We had to get out of that awful storm.” Ava told him.

“No worries. No worries. I always enjoy any company. It gets lonely out here sometimes. My name is David.” The man said.

“Nice to meet you David. I’m Elijah and these are my friends Alex, Ava, and Macy.” Elijah said pointing to each of his friends respectively.

“Macy? As in the Kalos Queen.” David asked curiously.

“Retired Kalos Queen, but yes.” Macy said awkwardly.

“Incredible. Never did I think someone of your caliber would walk through that door. It’s a pleasure to have you and your friends as company.” He replied smiling.

“We thank you for your spontaneous hospitality.” Macy said thankfully.

“Please, have a seat.” David insisted.

Our heroes took his offer and sat down on a large couch located in front of David’s chair.

“I don’t have any TV out here but we can settle for some old-fashioned storytelling.” David offered.

Our heroes nodded in agreement. Everyone loves a good story.

“Well let’s see here. I guess I’ll tell a favorite of mine. It’s about the family that lived in this house before myself.” David started.

“When I came to buy and live in this house, the family before me told me loads of stories and strange experiences they’ve had here. I myself haven’t witnessed any such events, but who knows. Maybe you will,” David said grinning. “Let’s start with a story about this here living room. It is said that the Mother of the previous family loved to sit here and knit. One day while she was knitting, she looked over at that green chair over yonder and saw a piece of cloth knitting itself.” David said pointing to the green chair in the story that still resided in the living room.

Our heroes looked over at the chair: nothing. They looked back at David for the rest of the story.

“It’s said that every time after that sighting, the Mother would experience the same cloth knitting itself all over the house. No one else expect her would see this phenomenon however and she was then deemed to be mentally ill.” David continued. “No one would believe her crazy story and her family began to disassociate themselves with her.”

Our heroes were in the middle of comprehending the story being told when Ava began furiously tapping Alex on the shoulder and motioning back that green chair. Alex and looked and there on the chair was a piece of cloth knitting itself. Alex’s eyes lit up and he began tapping Macy on the shoulder.

“What is it?” Macy asked confusedly.

“Look! At the chair!” Alex replied, referring to the green chair from the story.

Macy looked over at the chair. There was nothing there.

“Yeah? What about it?” Macy asked.

Alex and Ava looked over, sure enough, it was gone. “The cloth knitting itself from the story. It was just there!” Alex said

“I think these ghost stories are getting to you.” Macy said giggling.

David laughed, “I can promise you there’s nothing to worry about. They’re just stories.”

“I need to use the bathroom.” Macy told the group.

“The bathroom is down the hall to the right.” David told her.

“Continue the story.” Elijah insisted.

“Alright. The next part comes shortly after the mother’s entrance into the Mental Ward. The son of the family began to notice strange things in the bathroom your friend just went to. He noticed creepy figures in the mirror that wouldn’t be there when he turned around.” David continued.

Macy finished up in the bathroom and went to wash her hands in the sink. She looked at her hair in the mirror to see how much the rain had affected it. She noticed a weird shape to her right in the mirror. It looked like… like.. A person!

She turned quickly to see what it was. There was nothing there…

“And when he went to turn back to the mirror, there would be an awful looking figuring staring straight back at him.” David told them.

Macy took a sigh of relief and turned back to finish washing her hands. She came face to face with a horrible, shadowy figure with sharp teeth and bright red eyes.

She screamed and ran out of the bathroom and back to our heroes in the living room.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Elijah asked concerned.

“Figure in mirror… Nothing there… Turn around… scary person in front of me…” Macy replied breathing heavily.

“Just like in the story,” Alex stated. “See I told you we weren’t crazy.”

“You were just seeing things like both of them. That kind of stuff doesn’t exist.” Elijah stated.

“Your friend is right, there’s nothing to fear here. You all are just tired and seeing things.” David followed up.

Macy wasn’t going to believe she was crazy. She knew what she saw, but she decided not to argue and sat back down at her spot on her couch.

“Finish up the story please sir.” Elijah insisted.

Macy, Ava, and Alex huddled together awaiting the next story to come true. Elijah sat close eagerly anticipating the rest of the story.

“So, the son who saw the strange things in the bathroom decided to keep it to himself because he didn’t want to end up in the Mental Ward like his mother. He decided however, to visit her and tell her what she saw. The mother believed him and told him that this house was evil and to leave it immediately. He took her advice and moved out the following week. Now it was just the father and young daughter left in the house.” David started up again.

“They were both sitting on that same couch you all are on when the daughter noticed an eerie face emitting itself from the mantle above the fireplace. She tapped her father repeatedly and hold him to look. He saw the same face she did. He hurriedly picked her up and turned to leave. He was stopped abruptly by a shadowy figure with sharp teeth and bright red eyes and the self-knitting cloth standing behind him. The father’s only goal was to get his daughter out of the house and he made a run for it. They managed to escape and never stepped foot inside the house again. That’s when they sold it to me.” David finished up.

“But again, none of that’s true, it's just a story after all.” David repeated.

Elijah noticed a purple glow emitting from the mantle above the fireplace. It was the very face David mentioned in the story. His friends were right. This place is haunted. The others noticed it too and stood up quickly.

They turned to leave and were stopped by the self-knitting cloth. The turned back to talk to David, but he wasn’t there anymore. A shadowy figure with sharp teeth and bright red eyes was sitting in his place.

“We gotta get out of here!” Macy yelled.

“This way!” Alex replied pointing to a route out of the door.

Our heroes ran outside and on towards Laverre City. They weren’t coming back.

The figures in the house faded, revealing a Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. The three Ghost-Type Pokemon laughed and they watched the children run in fear.

To Be Continued...
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