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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Fifty-Six - Soul Searching

by avae

avae The Fifty-Sixth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava- Fennekin(F), Sylveon(F), Gourgeist(F), Mysterious Egg
Elijah- Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchinder(F)
Alex- Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
Macy- Primarina(F), Glaceon(F), Goodra(M), Noivern(M), Scizor(M), Magmortar(F)
@Cryronn the Mudkip @Sylvious
As we left off, our heroes all challenged the Laverre City Gym for their sixth Gym Badge. Alex, Elijah, and Macy all came out victorious. Ava, however, fell in defeat due to her nerves and ran out without speaking to anyone. We now join our heroes on the search for Ava. Hopefully they can find her quickly. Enjoy :)

“Ava!” Alex called out. He and Dragonite were searching the area of town near the Pokeball factory.

Our heroes all split up with their Pokemon in search for Ava. They figured they’d cover more ground this way.

No sign of her.

“We could she be?” Alex thought to himself.

Dragonite, searching in the air, shook her head saying she couldn’t see her either.

“Maybe the others are having better luck…” Alex said to his Dragonite.

Ava wandered along a small dirt path along a hillside. She still had tears in her eyes. She not only let herself down, but her Pokemon and friends down as well. She couldn’t get it out of her head that she wasn’t good enough to be a Pokemon Trainer.

She’d dreamed of traveling around her entire life, competing in Gyms, meeting new friends, battling rivals, and winning the Kalos League. Now she was dragging her feet along a dirt path in defeat. She felt incredibly bad for her Sylveon who wasn’t able to perform well because of herself freezing up during battle.

Ava kept thinking back to Sylveon’s look of anxiousness awaiting Ava to call out some moves and how she just froze up and couldn’t speak. She failed Sylveon and she knew it.

“Damn it,” Elijah said throwing a rock at a nearby stone wall. “Where are you Ava!?” He yelled for the millionth time, or so it seemed like.

He and the others had been searching for almost two hours now. He was truly worried for her sake. He knew she was strong, but he just wanted to be there for her… to comfort her and tell her it was all going to be okay.

Macy and her Noivern were searching near a large cavern. Still no sign of her anywhere. Macy had only known Ava for a month so far, but she was still worried for her. It doesn’t matter who you are, being out in the wilderness alone can still be dangerous.

“What if she runs into a group of vicious, wild Pokemon… or slips off a cliff… or… or…” Macy shook her head trying to rid the bad thoughts. Ava was going to be okay.

Ava had found a rock to sit on surrounded by a grove of trees. She let all of her Pokemon out of their balls and sat her Egg next to her.

Sylveon, Fennekin, and Gourgeist all stood in front of her. Sylveon looked at her trainer embarrassed and Ava took notice of it.

Ava cleared her throat and started speaking, “I wanted to apologize to you three for the battle earlier today. Especially to you, Sylveon. You didn’t do anything wrong and you battled with all of your heart, as usual. It was me who froze up and wasn’t able to battle. I got incredibly nervous and was destined to lose from the beginning and I let you all down. I’m sorry everyone.”

Her Pokemon grew sad along with her and walked to where she was seated. Sylveon nuzzled her leg, Fennekin hopped up on her lap, and Gourgeist wrapped its tendrils around her. They didn’t care that they lost, they just wanted their trainer to be happy.

Ava cried even harder. She loved them too.

Macy, Alex, and Elijah sat down at a table in a local restaurant in the center of town. They’d been searching all day and there was no sign of Ava.

“I’m not sure how much longer we can keep searching tonight. We may have to postpone until tomorrow.” Alex stated.

“I can’t give up. We have to find her.” Elijah replied.

“We know you care about her a lot, but it’s better to stop for your safety as well. Like Alex said, we’ll continue tomorrow.” Macy told him.

Elijah couldn’t take it anymore. He slammed his drink on the table and walked out of the restaurant alone. He was going to find her.

Ava and her Pokemon began their trek back to the center of Laverre City and back to her friends.

As she was walking, she heard a noise coming from ahead of her on the path. It sounded like sobbing. She began walking quickly to see what it was.

There was a little girl seated on a rock with her head in her hands as she cried.

Ava knelt down in front of her, “Hey. What seems to be the matter?”

The little girl looked up and at Ava and replied, “I was… with my Mommy and Daddy… we were hiking up here… and I can’t find them…” She said barely getting the words out in between tears.

Ava smiled and ruffled her hair, “I’ll help you find them, don’t worry.”

The little girl smiled and began following Ava as she walked along the dirt path.

Elijah was running at this point, he had to find her. He ran through groves of trees, fields, and gravel paths looking for her. He had to find her.

Ava and girl were still walking down the dirt path on the hillside. A big gust was beginning to pick up and the path was growing slimmer. They could no longer walk side-by-side and instead had to walk single-file.

As they were walking. A big gust of wind blew against them, knocking the young girl off balance and sending her off the edge of the hillside. Ava turned quickly to just barely catch her before she was sent tumbling down. Ava began attempting to pull her up, but the wind fought against her making it very difficult to do so. Fennekin hopped out of its Pokeball and tried tugging on Ava’s jacket to help, but it was to no avail.

Just then, Fennekin began glowing and evolved. It was now a Braixen, and it learned Psychic.

Braixen used Psychic on the child and pulled her up on the mountain. Ava stood up by herself and made sure the girl was all right. She thanked Braixen and her and the girl continued on down to town.

Elijah sat on a bench in the middle of town with his head in his hands. He failed. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around. It was Ava.

He stood up and quickly put his arms around her and gave her a hug.

“Me and the others have been looking everywhere for you.” He told her.

“I’m sorry for everything. I just needed some time alone.” Ava replied.

Macy and Alex stood next to them smiling. The young girl had been returned safely to her parents and everything was good now. Almost everything...

To Be Continued...
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