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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Fifty-Eight - Camouflage

by avae

avae The Fifty-Eighth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava- Braixen(F), Sylveon(F), Gourgeist(F), Mysterious Egg
Elijah- Scyther(M), Frogadier(M), Litleo (M), Fletchinder(F)
Alex- Chesnaught(M), Dragonite(F), Carbink(M), Incineroar(M), Shiny Aegislash(M), Lapras(F)
Macy- Primarina(F), Glaceon(F), Goodra(M), Noivern(M), Scizor(M), Magmortar(F)
@Cryronn the Mudkip @Sylvious
As we left off, Ava took on the Laverre City Gym in a rematch for her Sixth Gym Badge. She conquered the Gym and took home the Fairy Badge as a reward. With spirits high, our heroes now make their way on Route 15 towards Dendemille Town and to their seventh Gym Badge. What are they up to now?

“Litleo! What’s up with you?” Elijah yelled to his Pokemon as he chased it.

The others were right behind him running as well.

Moments ago, Litleo hopped out of its Pokeball itself as they were walking down Route 15. It took off through some bushes on the side of the path and Elijah quickly followed after it. The others decided to follow him.

Litleo continued to dodge and weave as it ran through different shrubbery. It was going somewhere. But where?

“Come on Litleo! Slow Down!!” Elijah continued to shout.

Litleo paid no attention and continued to run, deeper and deeper off the main path.

Macy, Alex, and Ava stopped running. They were out of breath.

“What… got into… Litleo?” Alex asked in between breaths.

“No… idea….” Macy responded out of breath as well.

“It’s probably being drawn to something.” Ava responded with no shortage of breath like the others.

“What do you mean ‘being drawn’” Alex asked.

“Well, certain Pokemon have the ability to hear and see things that the human eyes and ears cannot. It could have heard or sensed something that we wouldn’t have noticed. It could be more of its species or something that’s able to produce low frequencies of sound.” Ava replied.

“What else could produce a frequency that low other than a Pokemon?” Macy asked.

“Lot’s of things. Machines, whistles, the planet itself has strange phenomenons.” Ava answered.

“Interesting. Anyways, how far ahead do you think Elijah is. There’s no way he hasn’t stopped yet. Especially at the speed he was running.” Macy asked.

“No telling. When it comes to Pokemon, Elijah always pushes himself. Especially a Pokemon he cares a lot about. He probably hasn’t even stopped yet and won’t anytime soon. He cares about Litleo.” Ava responded.

“Well there’s no sense in trying to follow him at this point, we’ll never catch up. We might as well make camp here and light a fire so he can find us if he needs to. He can handle himself.” Alex suggested.

“Right.” Ava replied. She was slightly worried but knew that Elijah was capable of handling himself as Alex had just said.

Elijah stopped running almost 20 minutes later. He had lost track of Litleo a little while ago. All he had to go on was its tracks which wouldn’t be of use for much longer. As least once the Sun went down.

He figured he should make the most of the light and continue to follow its tiny paw prints in the dirt. Night fell quickly and Elijah still hadn’t reached the end of the prints. He continued following them as best as he could, but it was no use. He decided to stop where he was and set up his camp for the night.

But just as he was getting his tent and sleeping bag out, he heard a loud howl of a Pokemon coming from close by. He stopped what he was doing and ran towards it. It might be where Litleo is.

He ran until he noticed a ledge that overlooked a large plateau down below. He ducked behind a nearby rock at the edge of the ledge as he noticed the were figures down below. He looked down and standing around the edge of smallish plateau were loads of different Pokemon.

In the center were two Pokemon that looked to be fighting. The scene was similar to a school fight. Two people fought while the others stood around to watch. The two Pokemonlit fighting were a Pyroar and…

“Litleo…” Elijah thought to himself.

His Litleo was fighting a Pokemon twice its size by itself. Why?

Elijah stood up to go down and see what was up but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Elijah jumped and quickly turned to see who’s hand it was.

It was Ava.

“Ava? What are you doing here?” Elijah said breathing heavily from the scare.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, but I was worried about you and decided to look. The others are back asleep at camp.” She replied.

Elijah pointed to the event on the plateau below and said, “What’s happening down there.”

Ava analyzed the scene and came to a conclusion.

“It’s a form of Pokemon training that they do among themselves.” Ava replied.

“‘A form of Pokemon training?’” Elijah asked confusedly.

“Yeah. Certain Pokemon battle it out 1 on 1 with no training until one is defeated or gives the proverbial white flag of surrender.” Ava replied.

They watched as Pyroar and Litleo battled it out below. The Pokemon on the side cheered for their side and seemed to be entertained.

Litleo seemed to be struggling though. It was hit attack after attack, back and forth.

“We have to do something. Litleo’s getting pounced on.” Elijah said.

“No don’t. It’s best not to disturb these type of things as you could get attacked or scare them away. This is Litleo’s test. It will be fine.” Ava replied.

Elijah nodded and stayed put.

“You can do it, Litleo!” He thought to himself.

The battle raged on and Litleo seemed to be growing closer and closer to losing. Pyroar seemed to be playing with it. It would grin after every attack it launched and would wait for Litleo to regain balance before it hit it again.

“How is this fair? Litleo can beat that thing alone. We have to do something.” Elijah said and leapt down to the plateau below.

“No!” Ava yelled. It was too late.

“What kind of battle is this? Litleo has had enough. You won. Leave it alone.” Elijah yelled to Pyroar as he advanced closer.

“Elijah stop! Get back here now!” Ava snapped at him in a whisper.

“Why are you treating it like this. You’ve won, we get it. Now sto…” Elijah started to say before he was interrupted.

Pyroar had launched a Flamethrower just barely in front of Elijah to warn him.

The Pokemon standing around the battlefield looked dead at him with anger in their eyes.

Elijah looked around both shocked and worriedly. Maybe he should have listened to Ava.

The surrounding Pokemon all unleashed attacks simultaneously at Elijah. Thankfully, Scyther quickly came out of its Pokeball to unleash a powerful X-Scissor that countered the onslaught of attacks.

“Thanks, Scyther.” Elijah told it.

Scyther nodded and motioned for him to get back. It yelled something in its Pokemon language to the others (probably something along the lines of “sorry for my idiot trainer, we’ll leave you all alone now”). The others nodded and Elijah quickly climbed bad up on to the ledge and behind the rock. Scyther flew back up and into its Pokeball once again.

“What were you thinking you idiot? You could have been killed.” Ava pestered him.

“I’m sorry I thought Litleo was in trouble and wanted to help.” Elijah replied apologetically.

“I told you, this is a normal thing. Wild Pokemon do this all the time to prove their strength and worth. It’s natural.” Ava continued.

“But Litleo isn't a Wild Pokemon. Why does it need to prove its strength here?” Elijah replied.

“Probably because it’s about to evolve.” Ava responded.

“Evolve?” Elijah thought as he tuned back into the battle down below. He was shocked for sure but hoped Litleo knew what it was doing.

The continued just as it had before. Pyroar playing around with Litleo like a school bully would to a kid he was bullying.

Even though it suffered hit after hit, Litleo kept standing up and trying to attack Pyroar.

Finally, it looked like Litleo had given up. But just then, it became surrounded by a bright blue light. It had evolved.

Elijah new Pyroar decided it was time to show off its new set of moves it had just acquired.

Boom! A Flamethrower hit into the opposing Pyroar. Followed by Hyper Voice and Overheat.

3 new moves. “Incredible…” Elijah thought.

After its evolution, Elijah Pyroar began fighting more ferocious than previously. It seemed to have gained a new level of strength from nowhere.

It’s ferocity was shown with every move it used. The Pokemon surrounding the battlefield all grew quiet as they watched the battle stunned.

The two Pyroar fought valiantly but one had finally been defeated. It was the opposing Pyroar.

Elijah’s Pyroar had won.

Both Elijah and Ava jumped up with cheers. Elijah’s Pyroar noticed them and nodded with a grin on its face.

The opposing Pyroar managed to stand up and nodded to Elijah’s Pyroar as a sign of recognition of power. Elijah’s Pyroar nodded back and ran to join up with his trainer.

The two trainers and the newly evolved Pyroar began their way back to camp to show the others what had happened while they were gone.

To Be Continued...