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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Fifteen - The Cyllage City Showcase! Part 1

by avae

avae The fifteenth episode in Ava's journey throughout the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava- Fennekin(F), Eevee(F)
Elijah- Scyther(M), Froakie(M)
As we left off, Ava and Elijah journeyed through the Cave of Lost Souls in order to make it to Cyllage City. During their time in the caverns, our heroes learned to trust each other in order to make it through. Their everlasting bond seems to be growing closer and closer. Enjoy.

Today was the day of the Cyllage City Pokemon Showcase. Talented trainers from across the Kalos Region gathered to show off their bond with their Pokemon outside of battle. Trainers in the competition are all given the same task to complete. Whoever does it best gets to move onto the next round. All winner are chosen straight from the audiences' votes.

Ava sat up her bed and yawned quite loudly. She looked over to her left and saw Elijah knocked out in the other bed. Our heroes had found a cheap hotel to spend the night at in order to rest for today's Showcase. She hopped out of bed and tossed a pillow over at Elijah, "Time to get up and at it!" She chided. Elijah slowly sat up. He hair was going every which way from him being a very active sleeper.

He didn't feel like brushing his hair right now so he just threw on his hat and walked down to the café to find breakfast for the both of them. He was so out of it he almost fell down 3 flights of stairs but caught himself. He managed to finally reach the café unharmed and grabbed 2 waffles, some orange juice, bacon, and eggs for the both of them. He returned to the hotel room to Ava playing with Fennekin and Eevee. He sat the food on the table in the center of their room and sat down in one of the chairs. Eevee sprung from Ava's shoulder and jumped onto Elijah's chest. They almost did a double-take onto the floor but Elijah managed to catch himself once again.

Ava sat on the opposite end of the table still laughing from the recent incident. Our heroes dug into their breakfast and quickly finished it. They then packed their bags and set off for the arena in which the Showcase was going to take place in. Cyllage City was a nice and quiet place, the citizens walked happily about minding their own business.

Our heroes finally arrived to the stadium they were supposed to be. Ava handed the two V.I.P tickets they received for winning the Battle Palace Tournament to the woman working the ticket booth. She smiled and handed the tickets back with stamp on the end of them marking that they were allowed inside. Inside the stadium was every type of food or drink concession you could imagine. Elijah noticed a stand in particular that he had only seen back in Kanto. He rushed over to see if what he saw was true.

It was. All of his favorite snacks were here in Kalos; on the other side of the world. His face lit up with excitement. He quickly bought a large drink with his favorite chips, Salt and Vinegar. Ava was doing her own scouring for snacks on the opposite side on the concessions area. She managed to find herself some popcorn and water, it would do for now. They net back up and were off to find their seats. They stopped at the entrance to Area 251 which was their stop. They stepped inside. It was unlike anything either of them had seen.

Multicolored lights were flying around the room. Spectators filled the arena with their Pokemon and friend next to them. The room was circular, with the stage in the center. Surrounding the stage was a thick black curtain hiding whatever was there from the spectators eyes for now. Our heroes found their seats and sat down, they were very much anticipating what was to come. Ava pulled out her phone to take a picture for her Snapchat story, as usual. She pulled Elijah over to her and made him smile for it. Elijah managed to pull free after they had taken the picture and reached for Froakie's Pokeball.

He tapped the white, circular button and Froakie appeared, "You should watch this," Elijah told him. "We could learn a thing or two." Froakie nodded and looked forward.

One the time read "12:00pm" the lights dimmed. Standing spectators hurried to take their seats. The lights that scanned the arena all focused to them same spot on the stage. The curtains fell revealing Olivia, who our heroes had previously met at The Battle Palace Tournament. During this big unveiling, someone had sat down next to Elijah, he didn't really pay attention to who it was. He probably should have.

"Welcome everyone!" Olivia had exclaimed. "Some of you may know me, but if now, I am Olivia, announcer of all official Kalos Pokemon Showcases! We have some very exciting events planned for today's Show. We hope you all enjoy!" Olivia stepped aside, the lights now shone to 10 different spots on the stage. The spots being lit up on the ground opened up. On elevating platforms, came the 10 different competitors. "These will be your competitors competing for the Showcase Ribbon today. Once a trainer obtains 4 Ribbons, they can participate in the Grandmaster Showcase. the winner of that is crowned 'Kalos Queen'. We have a very special competitor competing today, her name? Macy Powell. The running Kalos Queen for 3 consecutive years. She is going for her fourth year currently! Let's all wish her and the other contestants very good luck for today!" Olivia announced again.

To Be Continued...
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