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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Eighteen - Stone Age Part 1

by avae

avae The eighteenth episode in Ava's journey throughout the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Froakie(M)
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As we left off, our heroes got to witness their first Kalos Pokemon Showcase live and in person. Ava learned that being a Pokemon Trainer isn't just about battling, but also bring out the true potential of your Pokemon. They also got to meet the current Kalos Queen, Macy Powell, with special assistance of Alan. You can be sure this will not be the only time our heroes and Macy cross paths. Today, we get to watch as Ava is the first to take on the Cyllage City Gym Battle. Will she be victorious, or walk away in defeat? Enjoy.

Ava was up bright and early at 6am sharp. She got cleaned up and dressed and made sure her Pokemon were in top shape for their Gym Battle today. She had studied all she could about Grant, the Cyllage City Gym Leader, and his Pokemon. He specialized in Rock Types and battled using an Amaura and a Tyrunt.

She walked over to the blinds of her and Elijah's hotel room and opened them. She knew Elijah hated when she did this, but it was too much fun to resist. As soon as the sunlight hit Elijah's face he pulled the sheets quickly over his face. Ava giggled, "Good Morning, Sunshine," She said jokingly. "We have a Gym Battle ahead of us today. Better get ready."

The thought of a Gym Battle woke Elijah right up. He dashed into the bathroom to get ready. Ava smiled, she loved the fact that Elijah was so into battling. She had watched him train on their way to Cyllage City. He took it very seriously. If he wanted to work on Scyther or Froakie's speed, he not only made them run, he ran himself. It wasn't just a training session for his Pokemon, but for himself too. "That just one on the traits that makes Elijah, well, Elijah." She thought.

20 minutes later Elijah burst out of the bathroom door tooth brush still in his mouth. The tooth brush was graciously given to him by the hotel staff so he just chucked it into the trash can conveniently located near the bathroom. "Someone's in a hurry." Ava said matter-of-factly. "Like you said," Elijah replied. "There's a Gym Battle to attend." He grabbed his bag and phone and ran out the door. "WAIT UP!" Ava yelled running after him.

She finally caught up with Elijah at the Gym's front entrance. "Is this who you were waiting on?" asked a man in a black suit as Ava arrived. "Yes, sir." Elijah replied. "Great. Follow me if you will" continued the man. He lead them into a locker room of sorts filled with climbing gear. "Mr. Grant believes if trainers are brave enough to challenge him, they should prove themselves first." The man started. "Grant is waiting atop the highest peak in the door behind me. Once you reach the peak, the battle will start. If you're up to the challenge, my assistants will set you up with the gear you will need to traverse the peaks."

Our heroes looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. "We're ready." Ava replied. The assistants assisted our heroes by equipping them with the essential climbing gear: gloves and climbing boots. "Looks like you all are ready, right this way." The man said. He opened the door revealing a room that looked like something out of an Everest movie, without the ice and snow. He pushed the two trainers along. Ava and Elijah looked at each other confused. The man noticed and said, "Oh did I mention, there's no harnesses." With that, the closed the door. Our heroes knew the only way out was up. "Guess we better get going..." Elijah spoke walking to the place marked "Start".

The gloves actually helped significantly. This wasn't they first time either of them had traversed a mountain peak before, but the first time, they had no hand protection. They were mighty thankful for it now. The first couple cliffsides weren't bad. Sadly, they gradually became higher and higher. Their arms were already starting to grow sore. Especially Ava's arms. She wasn't one for doing stuff with her arms.

Elijah was almost top the top of the fourth peak. He tried to grab a stone for his right hand, but it fell out of the wall and almost whacked Ava in the head. "Uh my bad." Elijah said apologetically. Ava sighed and continued on. Elijah helped pull her to the top as he done the three times before. Ava starred at the peaks above. There seemed to be only 3 left. She noticed a trainer above them nearing the top. She watched him grab a false-placed stone like Elijah had, this time however, it created a rockslide. Elijah noticed too and grabbed Froakie's Pokeball and tossed it. "Use Bubble!" Elijah commanded. The oncoming rocks were turned to dust and the trainer above saluted in thanks.

"This climb is more difficult than the actual battle is going to be." Ava thought. Elijah returned Froakie and our heroes continued their ascent. The were on their second to last Cliffside. Elijah had reached the top and waited until he had to pull up Ava. He grabbed her hand and yanked her up. However, he slipped on seemingly nothing causing Ava to go flying on top of him. "Nice going, hotshot." She said sarcastically. Elijah grinned and replied, "No problem, Princess." He waited for Ava to stand up before he picked himself up. He then began walking to the next and final Cliffside. Ava held back to dust her jeans off from the recent stumble. She ended up standing too far back and part of the cliff broke off. She went falling backwards of the mountain side.

To Be Continued...
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