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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Eight - The Battle Palace Part 2

by avae

avae The eighth episode of Ava's journey through the Kalos region. To try and become the best trainer she can possibly be. (Very sorry for the break I took. I had lost interest in this, but I'm back now and hopefully for good!)
The first round battles of the first annual Battle Palace Tournament were underway. Trainers faced each other head on in spectacular 1v1 Pokémon Battles. Ava and Elijah had been battling very hard and managed to pull off a victory. Both heroes had decided to use their newest Pokémon to battle with as an attempt to bond with them. So, Ava had used Eevee and Elijah had used Froakie.

Soon all the 1v1 battles had been completed and it was time to begin the 2v2 battles for the second round. Elijah had done many 2v2s in the past, but this was a first for Ava. The hostess, Olivia, came back over the intercom to announce the next event, "Those were some incredible battles, Trainers. But now, it is time to begin our 2v2, double battles! If everyone could please pull out the rose they were given. Look for a person the opposite gender who shares your color rose. They are your partner for the double battles!" Olivia exclaimed.

Trainers begin racing around the room looking for the one they were to battle along side. Ava turned to Elijah and noticed the red rose in his jacket pocket. She pulled her Rose out of her hair and held it to Elijah, "Looks like we're partners.." She said smiling. Elijah smiled back, "Looks like it. Come on, let's head to our Arena!" Ava nodded and took off after him. She admired the way Elijah always rushed off into battle and never questioned it. She wished she could be more like him. Maybe eventually.

All the remaining trainers found their spots in the battle arenas according to the gigantic screen on the main wall. Alan came back on the intercom to announce the next battle, "It appears all trainers are in their correct spots and ready to battle. In that case, all trainers may release their Pokémon!" With that, every trainer in the Palace tossed their Pokeballs high into the air. "Begin!" Alan roared over the intercom. Our heroes' opponents were using Dustox and Beautifly. Both opposing Pokémon used Silver Wind knocking our heroes' Pokémon backwards dealing a good chunk of damage. However, our heroes wouldn't give in that easily.

"Froakie use Bubble on Dustox!" Elijah commanded. Ava told Eevee to follow up with Swift on the same opponent. Dustox was blown backwards. Beautifly had to protect Dustox while it was down. "Beautifly use Air Cutter on both of them!" Its trainer called out. Froakie managed to dodge the oncoming attack, but Eevee wasn't so lucky. Eevee was tossed high into the air. "Froakie use your Frubbles to make a cushion for Eevee to land on!" Elijah called out. Eevee landed safely and bounced right back into battle. Ava gave a sigh of relief, she wasn't really sure what to do in this situation. She'd never been in a double battle before.

Elijah could since her worry, "Hey, it's okay," He said reassuringly. "This battle isn't over yet, just play it as a normal battle. Pick your target and attack. Just try not to get sectioned off and get yourself in a 2v1. You can do it!" Ava smiled and looked back toward the battlefield. She noticed Dustox was recovering from the onslaught of attacks, "Eevee, hit Dustox with a Tackle!" She announced. Eevee lunged at Dustox making it fall to the ground one again. Beatuifly, however, blew Eevee way with a strong Silver Wind. She did about 10 flips on the air but managed to gracefully land back on the ground.

Froakie countered back with Water Pulse knocking Beautifly out of the sky. Froakie then continued the assault by throwing more of its Frubbles at both opposing Pokémon. They were both now glued to the arena's floor. Eevee then used Swift once again followed with another Water Pulse from Froakie. Both attacks made a direct hit with the two flying Pokémon. A cloud of smoke filled the arena. As it cleared everyone could see the outcome. Dustox and Beautifly both fainted simultaneously. The referee then made the call, "Since both Pokémon on one team are unable to battle, the victors are Ava and Elijah!" He announced. Ava blew up with excitement and ran over to hug Elijah once again. Elijah hugged her back as always. The other team and spectators congratulated them.

Alan watched the whole battle and very closely at that. He stared into Elijah's eyes, That's a guy who knows exactly what he's doing.. He thought to himself.
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