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Clash of Code: Amy Rose vs King Dedede! (Sonic the Hedgehog vs Kirby)

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma After (briefly) encountering Sonic, Amy Rose has her "sweetheart" taken away by the lumpy self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, King Dedede. Months of travel wasted in seconds. You can imagine she'd be just a LITTLE angry.

In Clash of Code, two fighters from across the gaming universe will be pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred death battle. All moves, skills, attributes and powers will be taken from their respective game franchises. (And from fighting game spinoffs, if they exist.) Sources listed at the end of the Work. Partners in Coding: @SismicFlareCharmander, @Mewtwofan259, @Lord Of Pain, @Twilight Nova
Sismic: Giant hammers.
Twilight: You see them everywhere, and they're always deadly weapons.
Eeveechu: Especially in the hands of these two!
Pain: Amy Rose, the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Mewtwo: And King Dedede, the dictator of Dreamland.
Sismic: I'm @SismicFlareCharmander, and these folks are @Eeveechu151, @Lord Of Pain, @Twilight Nova, and @Mewtwofan259.
Eeveechu: Today, we'll be pitting these two against each other in a fight to the finish. An end-all battle. A Clash of Code.

Twilight: What happens when you take a little pink hedgehog obsessed with a certain super-fast blue hedgehog and give her a hammer?
Sismic: Utter carnage!
Eeveechu: Amy Rose, also formerly known as Rosy the Rascal, is a 13-year-old hedgehog with an obsession over the speedy hedgehog, Sonic. For years she's been chasing the hero ever since they met years ago on Little Planet. She's been a damsel in distress more than once, but over the years she's developed more self-confidence and, in an effort to impress Sonic, learned some impressive fighting skills.
Pain: Amy has abnormally high strength, especially for a preteen! She swings her mighty weapon, the Piko-Piko Hammer, with enough strength to easily crush solid steel! Amy also can use her hammer to propel herself into the air, create shockwaves, and barrel down enemies. Oh, and she can magically summon it from thin air. And she doesn't even call back the old one, she just creates a new one entirely!
Twilight: Amy is also an incredible acrobat! She is able to toss and twirl her hammer gracefully midair without disturbing her momentum, grind on very thin rails with ease, and can run at speeds fast enough to keep Sonic on a constant lookout for her. She is also powerful enough to send Knuckles the Echidna, one of the most powerful Sonic characters, flying backwards with a single slap.
Eeveechu: Also, before I forget, this is the first battle where we will be introducing Partners. For this battle, Amy will receive assistance from Cream the Rabbit, a close friend. Cream can fly fast enough to catch up with Sonic when he's running at low speeds. Which is pretty darn fast! She's not a very skilled flyer, but she can fly great horizontal distances. Cream is also very agile like Amy. She is not a strong or experienced fighter, so her fighting style mainly revolves around the little Chao known as Cheese. Cheese whams into enemies with quick, fast strikes.
Mewtwo: Amy is also trained in a few martial arts, such as kickboxing and "boxercise" for close-quarters combat. However, she usually strikes from close-range with her hammer. She can turn herself invisible for a short time, and she is also skilled in the use of extreme gear, which are super-fast hover boards. But her deadliest weapon is not her tarot-cards, nor her acrobatics, nor her Piko-Piko Hammer. It's her rage.
Eeveechu: Oh, yes. You do NOT want to mess with Amy when she gets angry! In Sonic Adventure, Amy's anger enabled her to defeat a seemingly invincible robot in almost no time at all. And in Sonic X, when Eggman teased Amy about Sonic "never coming back" to their world, (after literally lighting on fire with anger) Amy threw her hammer hard enough to send the ship recoiling back MILES! And Amy was around 1000 miles away from the ship! Now THAT's powerful!
Sismic: Oh, and how about the time Amy helped SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM AN ARMY OF ALIENS?! THAT COULD LITERALLY TAKE THE LIFE SOURCE OF PLANETS?! Amy's a lot more powerful than she looks.
Eeveechu: Remember, never judge a book by its cover.
Amy: That's the lamest excuse ever! You just forgot about our date!
Sonic: No, no! It's true, I tell ya! Yikes! No Amy, wait! Put down that hammer!
Amy: Hey! You get back here, Sonic! SO...... NIC......!!!

Pain: Respect Dedede! Or don't, since no one seems to anyways.
Eeveechu: King Dedede, the self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land, is the arch-enemy (or arch-frenemy, I guess) of Kirby, the hero of Dream Land. He is the leader of the Waddle Dees, a powerful hammer-wielder, and is a humongous glutton. Once he took all the food in Dream Land just because he was hungry! Anyways, Dedede is no coward... most of the time. He's faced down foes such as the Grand Doomer, Magolor, and (technically) Queen Sectonia. He has always been an arch-enemy to Kirby, but recently he's been becoming more friendly towards the pink puffball, helping him on many adventures.
Sismic: He wields his large hammer, which can smash through walls with no trouble. He can use attacks like the Hammer Nail, Hammer Swing, Hammer Flip (minus the fire that Kirby gets), Hammer Twirl and Triple Hammer. However, Dedede is weaker than Kirby offensively and is much larger, meaning that he is easier to hit. He can also inhale and inflate like Kirby, but he still cannot Copy powers. However, if he feels he's in over his head, he can call in his Waddle Dees.
Mewtwo: Ah, yes. The Waddle Dees. We briefly covered these guys last time, but we'll go into more detail now. There are MILLIONS of Waddle Dees, but they're all relatively harmless. They work hard, sure, but there's only a few that are real threats. The Spear Waddle Dees can toss their spears with incredible accuracy and do a few basic stabs. The Cart Waddle Dees can chase foes down in mine carts. The Bow Waddle Dees shoot arrows at enemies, but they aren't really fast. Lumberjack Waddle Dees use large axes to cut through wood. Walker Waddle Dees use mini-armors to fire missiles, and have flying variants. The Big Waddle Dees are larger versions of the Waddle Dees. Aside from that, there's not much different. And three Waddle Dees together can pilot the Puppet Waddle Dees and Armored Waddle Dees. However, their strongest weapon is the Waddle Tank, a powerful tank that can fire a large laser beam towards foes. It appears to be remote-controlled, but it is relatively easy to defeat.
Pain: However, we have yet to see any of Dedede's REAL trump cards. He can pilot the large mech, HR-D3, which can obliterate enemies with his GIGANTIC laser beam, punch enemies into oblivion with an electric charge and can fire waves of lasers. Dedede also has the Robo Dedede, a remote-controlled mech similar to Waddle Tank that can assault foes with a mecha hammer, a time bomb, and waves of floating bombs. But then there's Dedede's strongest form.
Eeveechu: Masked Dedede.
Mewtwo: The King takes on foes with a mask and a new mechanical hammer. His hammer gives him a wide variety of new attacks. He can fire rockets, activate a flamethrower, use an attack similar to the "Giant Swing" attack and send a wave of electricity across the floor. Usually, Masked Dedede is fought in an arena; typically an electric cage designed to restrict flight abilities. However, despite all this he has yet to beat Kirby even ONCE.
Eeveechu: Yet he still manages to rule the kingdom. Hail to the King.
Customer Service: How can I help you, King Dedede?
Dedede: I need a monster to clobber that there Kirby!

Pain: Alright, the contenders are set!
Mewtwo: From Mobius and from Dreamland!
Twilight: It's time to settle this... with a Clash of Code!

It's a great day in Station Square.
Well, except for the battle.

Sonic dodged Eggman's rocket, spin-attacking the Egg Mobile for the last time.
"And we're done here. Nice try, Doc!" Sonic said, landing on the ground.
"No way! I can't believe this!" Eggman said, his pod exploding, now running on reserve power. "I'll be back, Hedgehog!"
"Of course you will." Sonic said, smiling. Then he turned around. "Oh, no."
"SONIC!" Amy said, jumping towards him. The hero hopped out of the way of her hug.
"Not right now, Amy!" Sonic said. "I've got to do damage control."
"But... but I spent three months trying to find you!" Amy said frantically. "I'm not losing you again!"
Sonic sighed. "Okay, Amy, you win. But first, I gotta make sure everyone's okay." Sonic started to run off... right into a large, wooden hammer. Sonic was sent flying from the swing. "NOOOOOOOooooooo..."
"S-sonic?!" Amy said, shocked. at what just happened. Then the rage kicked in.
"Move it, lady!" King Dedede ordered, putting his hammer to the ground. "This land now belongs to King Dedede!"
The king's response was a hammer to the gut, sending him crashing into a lamp post.
"You big jerk! Do you have any idea how long it took to find out where Sonic was?! And thanks to you, I lost him AGAIN! You're going down!"
"Lady, you're messing with the WRONG King!" Dedede said, readying his hammer.
Sismic: Stop, hammer time!
Amy and Dedede clashed hammers, furiously clashing. Eventually, Amy knocked Dedede back further and further. Dedede took a large swing, but Amy dodged and whacked him over the head. Dedede stumbled, and Amy flung him away. He hit his head against a wall, shook his head, and called out. "WADDLE DEES! YOUR KING CALLS FOR YOU!" The army of Waddle Dees ran up to Amy, and a hail of projectiles flew out. The pink warrior smashed all the ones in her way. Then she saw her friend flying up to her.
"Miss Rose!" Cream said, Cheese flying by her side. "We're here to help!"
"Cream!" Amy said. "Mind getting rid of a few of the stragglers?"
"Right away!" Cream said, flying into the fray. She attacked the sniping Waddle Dees while Amy engaged the big Waddle Dees. They were no threat. Then the ground started to shake.
A large Waddle Dee-looking tank appeared and started attacking. Cream flew Amy out of the way. Then she spun around and hurled Amy at the robot. Amy smashed it with a hammer, destroying the whole thing in one shot. The Waddle Dees, seeing the power of the hedgehog, fled. Some of the aerial mechs shot down covering fire while they escaped.
"Cream, stay here and make sure the people are safe." Amy said, grabbing her hammer.
"Okay, Miss Rose!" Cream said. "But... what are you going to do?"
"I've got a penguin to chase down." Amy said, dashing off. She had seen Dedede running to the outskirts of town. She chased after him. Cream waved goodbye. Then she heard a crash. She flew over to the town square... and saw Robo Dedede on the scene.
(If you want, you can continue this battle! I'd love to see what people could do with this! If you do, make sure to link me!)

Amy ran to the outskirts of the city... and saw a giant robot booting up.
"HeheheHE! Little Missy, you don't stand a chance against HR-D3, so give up while you have the chance!" Dedede said, as HR-D3 finished powering up. The robot sent an electrified punch towards the Freedom Fighter, who dodged and slammed the fist into the ground.
"Wha?! Deattach left fist!" he said, as the left hand was severed from the 'bot. The mech fired lasers, which were all dodged by Amy. "Fine, then!" Dedede said, angry. "You're finished!" The torso opened up, charged a laser, and fired. Amy just barely dodged, seeing the giant hole the beam left.
"You're not using that again!" she said, flinging her hammer at the laser cannon. It destroyed the device, forcing Dedede to eject. "You're not very smart, are you?" Amy taunted. "Using a giant robot to try and beat a girl who destroys giant robots for a living."
"Well, you no longer have your hammer!" Dedede said. "And you're not getting it back!"
"Oh, really?" Amy said confidently, a new hammer appearing in her hand.
"I- but- you!- THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Dedede said, getting furious. He flew through a portal. Amy could see a castle in the distance. She followed Dedede.

Amy entered a darkened castle, watching as a giant door opened up on the other side of the hallway. Inside was a boxing ring. Amy stepped inside, and watched as the lights turned on. An electric cage descended over the arena. Dedede was standing on the other side of the room. He attached a metal mask to his face, and lifted a new hammer. The Waddle Dee army was cheering in the bleachers.
"Let's finish this." Dedede said, swinging his mechanized hammer towards Amy. The girl dodged and swung again, but locked hammers with Dedede. The two pushed to be the stronger, but Dedede then opened his hammer.
And Amy was staring at a bunch of mini-missiles.
The freedom fighter backed off and dodged the missiles. A hot stream of fire then came towards her. She slowly backed up, wary of the electric fence. Then she suddenly pressed the attack. Knocking Dedede's hammer to the ground, cutting off the flames, she kicked him across the field. Dedede hit the walls, where a Waddle Dee stood, cheering, Dedede grabbed the Waddle Dee and flung it at Amy, who dodged. Dedede then rolled into her, crashing her to the ground while he regained his hammer. Dedede sent an electric shock, but Amy flipped off the ground. She barely avoided the electric fence. Dedede started to spin, as did Amy. The two collided with each other again and again until finally they both stood their ground. Both Amy and Dedede held fast in their hammer interlock.
"What's the matter? Getting weaker without your sweetheart?" Dedede taunted. "Is that hedgehog the only thing that keeps you together? No wonder he'd leave you behind."
That got Amy mad.

And no one who values their life makes Amy mad.

Amy backed up before smashing Dedede's hammer into the ground, mashing it into a million pieces. Dedede backed up from the burning (literally or metaphorically, take your pick) Amy Rose. The angry warrior smacked Dedede across the face so hard that he was sent flying through the electric fence. Dedede's mask (of course) shattered like glass. The king resorted to trying to inhale Amy. But the wind only pulled her forwards faster. The angry warrior upper-smashed Dedede with her hammer, sending him into the ceiling so hard that the ceiling collapsed. Amy smashed through it to see Dedede, exhausted, standing above it all.

Then she hit him into the wall.

Dedede was flattened like a pancake.

Amy sighed with relief, calming down. Suddenly, the flattened Dedede was struck by a streak of blue. It was Sonic.
"Huh. What happened here?" he asked.
"SONIC!" Amy said, grabbing the hero from behind.
"AMY?!" he said, rolling out of her grasp. "I'll make it up to you later, but I gotta roll! See you!" he said, dashing away.
"SONIC! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FROM ME THIS TIME!" she shouted, running after him.

Waddle Dee climbed to the top of the hill.
"Whew! Finally, home sweet... HOME?!" he exclaimed, looking at the destroyed ruins. "Hoo boy."

Pain: That... was cool.
Twilight: Nice!
Mewtwo: And once again, the character I like loses. Why?!
Eeveechu: In reality, Amy had King Dedede beat in almost every way. Strength, Speed, Durability, Agility, Abilities... The only thing Dedede had on his side was that he had a lot more weapons than Amy. But she didn't need an arsenal; just her hammer! Her experience, skill, power and rage was easily enough to overthrow the king. Even without Cream, she probably would have won. King Dedede has NEVER beaten Kirby, but Amy has defeated Dr. Eggman plenty of times. And plus, most of Dedede's biggest threats were machines. And what does Amy destroy all the time? Machines.
Sismic: Also, the Waddle Dees were practically useless. In the mainstream Kirby games, they are harmless! Well, unless they touch you. But even the weaponized Waddle Dees are pretty weak. Even Cream could defeat their army.
Mewtwo: But Dedede has defeated threats like Magolor before.
Twilight: Right, but that was with the help of Kirby, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee. Amy has defeated threats like Zero (E-100 Alpha) and multiple Eggman bosses on her own. She's very powerful on her own, especially when angry.
Pain: In the end, Dedede got dethroned.
Eeveechu: The winner is Amy Rose.

What do the Spanish and the Russians have in common? They both have musclemen loved by all who know of them! Everyone knows the Heavy, of course, but do you know the fiery warrior?
"And just when you thought you were the sexiest person here, I showed up."
Special thanks: @Lord Of Pain, @Mewtwofan259, @Twilight Nova and @SismicFlareCharmander for helping with this episode, and Ben Singer and Chad James for inspiring the series with your awesome Death Battle show!

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