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Gijinkaverse: Amran

by luxidoptera

luxidoptera Another one of them gijinkers. I hope I don't upload too much, I've got a lotta stuff backed up. Shoutout to chiliechii on Toyhouse, who originally designed this guy!

Amran is a Hoopa, part of Mauri's little group and a brash, mischievous soul who's always ready to get up to some foul play. He's often at the front lines of defense for the group (he's by far the least cautious of the three) and would do just about anything for some gold- as long as it isn't putting his friends on the line.

He is only very dimly aware of the presence of his particular bound Prison Bottle, having no memory of being an Unbound Hoopa and knowing of the Bottle's existence only vaguely through a peculiar recurring nightmare. Due to having never tasted the power of Unbound- at least, not as far as he can remember- Amran is just as playful, mischievous and somewhat-avaricious as your average Hoopa, but has no intent of actually hurting anyone, perish the thought. He's a tad afraid of what must be inside that bottle; as far as he knows, all that'll come from it is pain and suffering for everyone around him.

Nobody knows his last name except for him, not even Mauri.
  1. Joy~
    These are cool!
    Feb 16, 2018