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Amra, Elven Princess

by EmoKitty21

EmoKitty21 This is the story of Amra. A princess who lives in the kingdom just north of Kalen.
Amra was not a typical princess, to most she came off as cold and uncaring. Though that could not be further from the truth, as she is on of the most kind souls that came out of the Royal Elven Kingdom. For Amra her days are spent in the training grounds of the castle with her father's army. Though it had been years since the last war with a neighboring kingdom, especially the Island Elven kingdom.

The Island Elven kingdom and the Elves of the forest, have not had the best of relationships. They only came together after the marriage of the Forest Kingdom's princess and the Prince of the Island kingdom. It was after a long rescue that the two feel in love to begin with.

Amra was the second child born to the Queen and King of the elves. She was always a handful for her mother as she loves to be outside and in the forest with her pokemon. Flare was the first pokemon that the princess met out in the forest.

Flare was a beautiful example of the forest Kingdom. She was a shiny colored ponyta when Amra met the skittish pokemon. It took a while, but the princess was able to gain the girls trust. It seemed that Flare was a perfect match for the rash and outgoing princess. They grew closer every day, where there was on, the other would follow.

When Amra turned ten, she started her training with a bow. Her father was a great teacher, and helped the young princess to hone her skills. Once she was able to shoot well, she started with other forms of weapons. Her favorites were the twin daggers, and she became quite well versed with them, much to her mother's chagrin.

Amra's mother was not happy with her daughter training like a common solider. She wanted Amra to be a perfect example of a princess as they should act. The elven Queen wanted Amra to learn how to act as a princess should. She forced her to attend balls in dresses that were not the style that she would have gone for at all. What she wore was a dress fit for a princess. It was a large gown that flared out in a princess style with long sleeves in a light color.

The young princess acted as she should around others in social settings. Respect was something that the princess valued among others. Amra spent years arguing with her mother about her lessons. It wasn't until she turned 21 did she do anything about it. The first thing she did was leave a note for her father, who she had always been close to. The next on her list was to find someone to take care of her beloved friend Fluff. Fluff was a gift from her father when she was younger. After some debate, she decided to let the children of the local orphanage watch the small bunny pokemon for her. Fluff was a buneary who grew up alongside the princess, and was sad to be left behind. Fluff loved to play with the kids, and brought them joy with her presence.

It was after a long fight with her mother that caused Amra to abandon her place in the kingdom. With a little help from her brother, she was able to get in touch with a neighboring kingdom's guild the Stormbreakers. The leader and Amra did not have the best of starts, but after a bit of time, she grew to love the place, and ended up finding love with her best friend.
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  1. JayBird Joe
    JayBird Joe
    Wow! This is pretty good!
    All of this writing wants me to make one for the bolt family........and that’s gonna take a while... XD
    Jan 25, 2020
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  2. EmoKitty21
    Yeah I am sorry about that Hecotoro. I was just going by what worked for Amra.
    Jan 25, 2020
  3. Hecotoro
    Hurt my feelings a little that the title is different :c
    Jan 25, 2020
  4. EmoKitty21
    Thanks Renz. I have never been the best with spelling, but I am glad you like it.
    Jan 25, 2020
  5. RenzFlintrock
    This is great! I did see one or two small spieling errors, but it's pretty epic otherwise!
    Jan 25, 2020
  6. EmoKitty21
    Jan 25, 2020