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Amber - for qlovers

by orchyd

amber2_finished_stars.png amber2_finished_wo_stars.png
This adorable character belongs to this fella ->https://pokecharms.com/members/qlovers.273112/

Thank you so much for letting me draw your character! I had a lot of fun drawing her, (although it took waaay longer than I expected), and I got to draw in this interesting art style.
Thank you for being a good lad, qlovers!
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  1. EeviumZ
    This is freaking ADORABLE.
    Aug 2, 2019
    qlovers, PrincessPika~chan and orchyd like this.
  2. orchyd
    Thank you so much! It was one hell of a journey but I'm glad you like it!
    Aug 2, 2019
  3. qlovers
    holy... oh my gosh, I love this! she looks so cute! you're welcome, chilli ^^
    Aug 2, 2019