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From Alpha to Delta to Omega (Beggining to Mid to The End): (Alpha) Stage 3 : Original Dragon and a Ordering Trio

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen Kinda having a terrible mood.
After Volcanion Was Neutralized. The Original Dragon Was Split Into 2 Reshiram And Zekrom Leaving an Egg Which Later Hatched to Kyurem. The Truth And Ideals The Master of Fire (Reshiram) and The Master of Thunder (Zekrom) Like The Lunar Duo They Introduced Fire and Lightning to The World.
They Battled Almost Destroying They're Creation (Unova) But Kyurem Came And Confronted Them
Kyurem : Stop This Now My Fathers
Zekrom And Reshiram : Never
Kyurem : You Used Me To Create This Region
Kyurem : And Now You're going to Destroy it?
Reshiram : Fine I Shall Leave
Zekrom : I Shall As Well

In Kalos 2 Pokemon Were Formed in a Spot Xerneas And Yveltal
but in Terminus Cave 2 Pokemon Code Name Z1 & Z2
The Tree of life (Xerneas) And The Cocoon Of Death (Yveltal) And The Defender Warrior Of Earth (Zygarde 100 %)