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Alpha Kaiser: The True Apex Predator

by Alpha Kaiser

Alpha Kaiser.JPG
Alpha Kaiser This is my new fursona! I have tailored this character to Adopt on the best aspects of my favorite carnivorous animals with
the magic and technology to create an Ultimate Apex Predator. Here's the breakdown:

Physical Aspects:

-Cross-Species Physiology/Genetics
I am a hybrid that was created genetically by mixing five genetic codes together to create a creature with more capabilities than a single inherent genetic species. I merged the data of a grey wolf, a tiger, a bull shark, a kitsune, and dragon.

-A.P.E.X. Nanites
These nanites make up all of my body tissue (hair, skin, nerves, organs, muscles, and bones). They enhance my physical, mental, and magical performance. I'm strong enough to lift large aircrafts and destroy the toughest metals, fast enough to break Mach 1 (1,236km/768mph) on foot, and durable enough to take powerful explosions. I am capable of hardening my skin to mystic steel dragon scales (which increase my defensive and offensive capabilities 10 fold) at will or automatically in response to physical trauma. The nanites can rapidly regenerate minor to moderate wounds and heal near-instantaneously, to the point of as though they never happened. Even brain cells and nerves can be completely repaired to the point of keeping my mind intact. Lastly, the nanites allow me channel my flows of energy at will in order to increase or decrease the potency of my skills to optimize a flexible usage of stamina without wasting excessive energy or time. This takes little concentration but sustained usage under high stress for long periods of time can be severely draining without frequent recharges. Lastly my nanites give me the unique ability to shift my shape into a specific species that I am made from or into a mixture of all of them at will.

-Esoteric Electrokinesis:
I have control over mystical lightning that has all the scientific properties of normal electricity with the addition of magic. I can absorb, generate, conduct, shape, and manipulate electricity to various intensities using my body as a conduit. I can solidify electricity into weapons of varying permanence (namely blunt, blades, shields, and firearms). I can "infuse" any solid object with electricity by channeling it through the object through kinetic contact (applied physical contact) or in the case with sentient lifeforms, applied shock to the central nervous system. To be clear, a concentrated
electrical attack has a high chance to cause temporary paralysis or polarity change. A polarity change allows for my electrical or hybrid magic attacks to act like homing projectiles that track the target until it hits a non-conductive surface or its target. Reinforcing my body with an electrical aura increases my movement speed and recharges my armor over time. My lightning empowered motions allow me to "Flash Step" pass an opponents guard faster than the normal eye can perceive, this makes it appear that I have teleported. I can even use electroreception to locate objects around me. I sense the weak bio-electric fields generated by living beings and use it to locate things. These electric fields are generated by everything living due to the activity of their nerves and muscles.

-Gravity Magic:
I can single out gravity to surround select spaces to make them very heavy or very light. I can also cause objects to attract/repel to or against other objects through exposing the vectors (gravitational force) in the space around objects. This power is limited to practical use for safely capturing and manipulating several objects in a manner similar to telekinesis. This also applies to the immediate space around me. It allows me to levitate, unrestrict/restrict my mobility, and infuse vector forces to other objects.
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  1. Alpha Kaiser
    Alpha Kaiser
    No, I have a scanner. Then I just upload using creative corner.
    Aug 29, 2014
  2. lilonegia
    I can also tell that you worked really hard on this!! Btw! R u using any app or something to upload these pictures?
    Aug 29, 2014
  3. lilonegia
    Aug 29, 2014