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Alola to Home

by Silver-Solis

Silver-Solis So this story has a story to tell in itself. So @AspenTR33 requested this story last year, and I thought I posted it in November. I was wrong, it didn't post. I write my stories on a flash drive so they can save and I have an Archive of them. Well I guess i forgot to hit eject at the end of my last writing session when writing this because I only had half of the story done when I put it back in. So I tried my hardest to remember it so the last bit may seemed a bit rushed. Hope you all enjoy!
Plot: Alolan Vulpix Abandoned in Kanto and has to try and fit in with original Vulpix and Ninetales

“We can take care of you, even if you are different”

I was confused when I woke up. I looked to my left, forest. Looked to my right, more forest. Directly in front of me was a volcano, which scared me because I was different from them. I am a Vulpix, an Alolan Vulpix! I go by the name Krysi, but now the one who called me that is gone. I had a trainer once, she caught me in the Alola region. Though she came over to Kanto, and I just wasn’t strong enough to take on Kanto Pokemon. Then I woke up and I was here.

I have heard that my ancestors came from fire, but I didn’t really believe it! How could fire turn into Ice? Anyways, I decided to trust the legend and make my way up to the Volcano. It may have not been the smartest decision, but what am I to do?

So I walked for a bit, seeing a Pokemon here and there. They seemed to be staring at me. Was I really that different? Maybe the legends were true, maybe my ancestors did descend from fire.
I was at the base of the Volcano now, and a saw a small curved dark red tail. It kinda looked like my tail so I went over to it. What I saw was a red version of me. She looked back at me confused, as if it was strange. I looked back with a curious look though, and trying to be friendly in this situation.

We walked trying to encircle each other though we went in the same direction preventing that to happen. Suddenly, the red one stopped and ran away as if she was scared. I tried to follow the fire version of me, but I lost them. Unsure what to do, I called out to them.

"Hello?! I don't know where I am!" I said.
Rather than getting a response, instead I only saw the small peaking of a head. She was scared, even though I was an Ice Type! Why would she be scared if she could beat me in a fight? Maybe because I am different? Maybe they were never told about their descendants being Ice type.

“Hey, I won’t hurt ya, I just wanna know where I am, and how to survive.’ I said to her fear.

Again no response, maybe she is not much for conversation? But I did get a reaction. They came out of the brush they were in to investigate me. She slowly approached me and took a step back for every movement I made, except for blinking and breathing. She eventually made it up to me and we were face to face. She touched my fur slightly and jumped back with a quick shiver. Now she was really confused. Maybe she thought I was some sort of special color? Now she knew that I was cold.

“C-cold?” She said.

I finally got a response out of her! Granted it was one word, with a bit of a stutter, but it was progress.

“Yeah, I’m cold. I’m an Ice type.” I said, though calmly to not alarm her.

Now she was really confused. I would be confused if I was never told the legend. She walked backwards kind of scared and then stopped once she hit the brush.

“Follow?” She said.

I did what I was told but not to obey her, but to find out how I am going to survive out here. She was leading me up the volcano and there was many different fire types. Eventually she stopped at what seemed to be a cave in the side of the Volcano. She led me inside a cave that had little bed made of various grasses and outlined with rocks. The walls and ceiling were a dark red of rocks that come from volcanoes sometimes. The room was hot but the fire types didn’t seem to mind, though I was melting. The what I assumed to be an Kanton Vulpix were deeper into the cave and stayed out of site for a few seconds, then came back with a Ninetales.

“Oh! You brought a friend!” The Ninetales said. Her voice was soft but sweet. The Vulpix tapped her and the Ninetales lowered her head so that she can whisper into it. During the whisper her face changed to a bit of a sad expression.

“So, you are an Ice type? I thought you might be a shiny. Where do you come from?” The Ninetales said.

“I come from Alola. It’s a far away region...my trainer abadoned me here because I lost a fight…” I said.

Her face changed to something of sorrow as the Kanton Vulpix was kind of shocked and went up to my face

“S-Sorry…” She said. By now it was evident that she didn’t talk much. She then went back to the Ninetales.

“Well, we can’t let you just roam in the wilderness, you could get attacked by other Pokemon. Why don’t you stay here and see what we can do for you?” She said returning to what seems to be her usual mood. The Kanton Vulpix was again, shocked. She got the Ninetales to lower her head again so she could whisper something again.

“Sure, she can sleep next to you! She is your friend after all!” The Ninetales said.

The Vulpix cheered quitely, though pretty loud compared to what I have heard. She came up to me and used her paw to try and tug me deeper into the cave.
I got out of her grasp, but followed her anyway. Deeper into the cave I saw a larger bed, a small stash of various berries, bit of human made food, and a bit of carved out rock that seemed to be a table.

“You have a nice house here...thanks for letting me stay. It means alot even though you don’t know me.’ I said. The Vulpix looked back at me with a small warm smile. Then she walked towards the enterance of the cave. She stopped by her mother and again, whispered something in her ear.

“Ok, that’s fine. Just make sure you come home before dark. We need to put that bed to good use!” The Ninetales said.

Before I even got a chance to respond she dragged me out of the cave. We walked down the site of the Volcano until we reached the area where we met.

“So what are we doing? Are we playing some sort of game?” I asked.

She picked up a leaf that had a little bit of fuzz on it making it soft. Then she placed it down infront of me and layed on it for a few seconds. Then she picked up another one and put it on top of it, making a little pile.

“Oh! We’re getting things to make me a bed? I would of been fine sleeping on the floor...but thank you” I said.

So we proceeded to gather leaves. There was no wind to blow them away but they kept getting knocked over. The Vulpix eventually caught a moving figure who then threw up some sand in her face. It was a Cubone who has been messing with the leaves.

‘Hey!” Shouted the Vulpix. She tried shooting a fireball at the Cubone, but it wasn’t very affected.
I shot an ice beam, which seemed to do the trick. The Cubone was running away.

We were back to gathering leaves for my bed and the Vulpix seemed a little bit on edge. The sun had almost set, and the mother wanted her to get home before dark. We got as many leaves as we can and carried them up the Volcano. It was almost dark when we walked inside. A sweet smelling aroma was coming out of the den. It was dinner for the both of us for our hard work. We both sat down and happily ate it. I still didn’t know the Vulpix’s Name.

Once we were done eating, it was made clear that this is when she usually goes to sleep. We both layed on our beds with mine now made. I fell asleep for a little bit of time but woke up in the middle of the night. I looked over to the Vulpix, and she was still awake. It seemed like she was watching me, which I didn’t find that creepy. She was confused why I was here, and I was too. She didn’t know if I was safe to be around. So I did something to gain her trust.

“H-hey? What’s your name?” I whispered in an attempt to not wake the Ninetales wake up.

She seemed a bit surprised. Maybe she didn’t realize I was awake. Or maybe it was because I actually spoke this late at night. Regardless, I got my Answer.

“A-Amber,” she said.

I closed my eyes and drifted back asleep. The years seemed to go by when I went asleep that night. Before I knew it I was older, and Amber was too.

A little Growlithe stood in the forest where I once was. Scared and afraid of the new world around him, he made his first steps. I simply called out.

“Hey little guy, you need some help? My sister and I can help you out!” I said. I was repaying the favour that was once been given to me, a Home.
  1. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    It's amazing! so is your other story!
    Mar 9, 2017
  2. Silver-Solis
    @*that* guy Really? I thought I didn't do that well on this.
    Mar 9, 2017
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  3. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    20 out of 10
    Mar 9, 2017