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Alola Mystery Dungeon Part 2

by Alola Warrior

Alola Warrior
Yesterday I met Rowlet and Popplio."Hey! Mimikyu!"yelled Rowlet "want to join our team?" "You guys have a team?"I asked "what's it called?" "The Alola defenders!"said Rowlet and Popplio.
"Alola defenders?" I asked "a bit odd but sure! I'll join your team!" I joined their team and we headed off to the town. "Woah! This place is huge!"I said. "Come on let's go to Delibird's shop!"said Rowlet. The shop was not to far from where we were until an Ursaring, Haunter, and Weavile stopped us. "Where do you kids think your going?"asked Haunter. "To Delibird's shop,"I said. "Well you'll have to defeat us if you want to get their!"said Weavile."What?!"said Popplio "but why?" Before they answered they attacked us. "No more questions! Take this night slash!"yelled Weavile. "Leafage!"said Rowle. The two attacks collided."He may not look like it but Rowlet is a skilled battler"said Popplio.To be continued...
  1. MysticMimikyu
    I'll take the story from here
    Dec 11, 2016