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Alola Mystery Dungeon Part 1

by Alola Warrior

Alola Warrior
I was asleep then the next thing I knew I saw a Rowlet."Hey! Why are you on the ground?"asked the Rowlet"Get up!" "Whoa! A talking pokemon!"I said. "Aren't you a Pokémon?"asked the Rowlet. I looked into a puddle and I was a Mimikyu!"Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm a Pokémon!"I yelled"How is this even possible?" "Come on let me bring you to me and Poplio's base,"said Rowlet. I followed him and after half an hour of walking I saw a little tree house."Hey! Poplio I brought someone!"yelled Rowlet. A Poplio zoomed down the pole and met me. "OMG! It's a MIMIKYU!"squeaked Poplio "But those aren't found on this island." I was confused but I had a feeling something was going to happen. To be continued....
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