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Alola! | Episode 2

by TheMultiGamr

TheMultiGamr Hopefully you don't mind 2 to 3 episodes a week of Alola! Enjoy!
It's time for the series' first battle! If you see text in this color, know a battle is coming.

"Rowlet, use Leafage!" "Koo!" It's not very effective against Litten.... "Litten, use Ember!" "Mrowr." It's super effective! Health check: Rowlet: 12/70 Litten: 42/70 "Rowlet, Leafage!" "Koo!" It's not very effective.... "Sorry to interrupt, but here's some revive mixes I made. They can heal your Pokemon right up!" "How about we refresh our Pokemon?" I asked Hau. "Okay then!"

"Here, Rowlet. Have some rev mix." "Koo!" "You like it, don't you?" I said. Rowlet nodded. "Alright then, let's go back to battle!"
"Rowlet, use Leafage!" It's not very effective.... Health check: Rowlet: 70/70 Litten: 14/70 "Litten, use Ember!" It's super effective! "Rowlet, Leafage one last lime!" Rowlet gave a determined "Koo!" It's not very effective... Litten is unable to battle, so that means Mia and Rowlet are the winners! "Oh well, but you did good for a newbie!"

"Here you go, Mia." "What is it Mom?" I asked. "It's a one-of-a-kind passport I made for you." "Thanks, Mom!" "As a little 'thanks for being so kind' present, I wanted to show you photos from when I first caught Pokemon," she replied.

I hope you enjoyed episode 2 of Alola! See ya for now!