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Alola! A Pokemon Sun and Moon oriented Story

by TheMultiGamr

TheMultiGamr This is my first story, so please forgive me if I'm wrong on any and/or all information.
I had just arrived in the Alola region, with my mom and our belongings off on our way to where a journey would begin....
"Hi," I said, "who are you? Sorry, I just moved here." "It's okay. I'm Hau," he had replied. "I hope you're staying in Alola. Most don't stay here for very long." "Oh, I'm here to stay for a few years," I noted to Hau. "So, what's your name?" Hau questioned. "Oh, sorry, I'm Mia." "Mia, I like it," Hau replied. "Hey, since you're staying in Alola for a few years, why not start a Pokemon journey?" "Okay, why not! I'll just go ask my mom if it's okay if I can be out of the house for a few days."

"Hi there!" a young adult said. He was wearing a lab coat, so I guessed he was a Pokemon professor. "I'm Professor Kukui. Nice to meet you. Hi again, Hau." "I'd like you to meet Mia," Hau replied. "Mia, what an interesting name. Must not be from around here, eh?" "I'm actually from Hoenn region." I said back. "Well, welcome to Alola, Mia!" Professor Kukui turned to Hau and whispered some things I couldn't hear. "How about we pick out your first Pokemon and get to meet my grandfather?" Pick? Oh, not this again. "Before you go meet him, have this." He handed me an odd gadget. "Is this a Pokedex?" I asked. "It's not just a Pokedex, but also a camera and sometimes a good friend." Alola is VERY weird.

After I got there, I had to choose form 3 very cute Pokemon. There was Rowlet, and he was a young owl, the Grass type option. There was also Litten, a young fire cat, and Popplio, a sea lion. "So, who'll it be?" Hau's grandfather asked. I finally made my choice. "I choose Rowlet," I said. "Koo!" Rowlet cried in delight. "Even though I hate to have the type advantage, I choose Litten." "Mrowr," Litten meowed. "I hope we can get through this well.

The end for now. Keep in tune for more of the story!