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Alliance: Alliance:The First Chapter

by alancaves

Alexandra looked around, her ship was in good shape. She noticed smoke from somewhere more inland. She got off and walked. She heard a clanking noise and concealed herself under with a bush. She got up and hid behind trees and bushes en route to a building she saw in the distance. Smoke was coming out of a large discolored building. A group of robots hauled out a mangle of parts, they appeared to be from a failed attempt at making a weapon. She slipped inside before the door closed and found herself in a bland-looking laboratory. She approached a large screen on one of the wall. Beneath it was a keyboard. She pressed a button and the screen lit up. She saw that the computer was connected to the cameras. She gasped. Before her stood her power suit, still shiny black with hot pink flame designs. "I thought it was destroyed in my battle with Infinity, where-where... the Baby sacrificed himself for me." She looked down, then back up. "I have to find who is doing this." With a flip of her bangs, she entered the hallway, a maze of identical passageways.

Thanks for reading! I was too lazy to type the rest! Please like this and follow me! And, for anyone who may ask, yes, Alex is related to Samus. :)