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All the Students

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Every Student at Gijinka High
Annabelle Frost- Articuno, kind, gentle, shy, mysterious, sometimes cold
Brittany Sparks- Zapdos, sassy, mean, arrogant
Arthur Steam- Volcanion, shy, odd, unknown to many
Cassie Distortion- Gitatina, spunky, weird, doesn't live up to her parents wants
Celestia Space- Palkia, shy, mysterious
Crystal Black- Reshiram, adventurous, honors the truth
Yvenne- Yveltal, mysterious, hates everyone
Harmony Creator- Arcues, popularity queen
Devin Fuse- Mewtwo, sassy, shy, mysterious, hates everyone
Diana Crystal- Diancie, nice to everyone
Ella Clearwater- Suicuine, cares about saving the lake more than anything
Emerald Galaxy- Rayquaza, mysterious, doesn't talk much
Felicity Lake- Lugia, graceful, loves to swim
Flair Burns- Moltres, flaming, mean
Harley Ghost- Haunter, loud annyoing, weird
Ryan Royal- Jolteon, loud, annoying, weird, (Bella's Big Brother), prince
Hattie Volcano- Entei, tempermental
Justice Horn- Keldeo, will die for justice
Melissa Springs- Ho-Oh, mean, sassy
Miriam Ring- Hoopa, silly, sweet, awesome, loves donuts
Prissilla- Deoxys, mysterious, hates Emerald
Purity Balance- Zygarde, loves peace, all about saving the earth
Rowan White- Zekrom, loves honesty, BFF of Crystal
Roxie Robots- Genesect, nice
Ruby Ground- Groudon, mean, sassy, likes to use her claws
Sapphire Water- Kyogre, nice, hates Ruby
Sarafina Life- Xerneas, nice, guides freshman
Sasha Tigress- Raikou, mean, sassy
Serene Graceful- Togekiss, nice, kind to everyone
Tess Time- Dialga, nean

Alexis Flower- Shaymin, nice, gentle
Arabella Zap- Raichu, sassy
Cassidy Keys- Klefki, nice, stylish
Debbie Disaster- Absol, mysterious
Fiona Dragon- Dragonair, quiet, mysterious
Hannah Ghost- Midreavious, playfull, adventurous, naughty
May Moon- Cleffa, playful, nice, sweet
Melody Song- Meloetta, nice, talented

Darriella Leafy- Leafeon, nice, crazy
Mary Sheep- Mareep, weird odd kind of mean
Mikki Stone- Carbink, nice, shy
Snora Snore- Snorlax, lazy
Rebecca Nightmare- Darkrai, mean, rude, hates Abigail

Ann Victory- Victini, nice, sweet, gentle, odd
Abigail Dream- Cresselia, nice, sweet, gentle, loving, caring
Destiny Generation- Mew, sweet, nice, cute
Emily Wish- Jirachi, sweet, cute
Gracie Ribbon- Sylveon, sweet cute, nice
Lilliana Fox- Shiny Ninetales, sweet, graceful
Sally Wise- Hoothoot, odd, crazy, daydreamer
Samantha Wing- Togetic, sweet, nice
Sarah Snott- Snubbull, mean, weird, rude
Sylvia Tounge- Lickitung, crazy.