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All for a Moon Stone-Request for Starry Phantump

by CongenitalSarcasm

CongenitalSarcasm When Blu runs into some trouble, will his apprentice be able to help

OCs belong to @Starry Phantump
Of course Danny just had to lose the Moon Stone in a ravine, where there were millions of cracks and crevices that the silvery rock could land on, of course it had to land on one of the lowest points in the ravine. Blu cursed softly at the inexperienced ghost type as another rock bonked him on the head while he scaled the cave wall. The Stump Pokemon was at the top of the cliff, floating anxiously, waiting for the unusually color Aipom to come back up with the Moon Stone. Blu had to go search for the Stone, as Danny was much too low leveled and too reckless to deal with the many Golbats and Digletts in the ravine. Why the fuck do I have to deal with this?! Blu thought, as he unleashed another Thunderbolt on a neighboring Golbat. Blu had been tasked to help train Danny, but the Ghost-Grass type hasn’t really learned much, due to his happy and bouncy personality, and his lack of ability to concentrate. Finally, after much grappling, the Long Tail Pokemon reached the outcropping where the Moon Stone was located. Suddenly, there was a flash, and a shout. “Hitmonlee! High Jump Kick!” Blu turned around to see a Hitmonlee flying towards him with one leg extended, ready to kick him in the face. Blu dodged, and jumped. What the- “Ai-pom!”, Blu yelled, as he bounced towards the Hitmonlee, executing a successful Aerial Ace attack. The Hitmonlee then turned around, and performed a Brick Break, which Blu was not expecting, and got launched into a nearby rock. Fortunately, the bottom wasn’t far below, and the monkey-like Pokemon was able to slow his fall until he reached the cavern ground. “Ha yes! The Moon Stone!” He could hear that damn trainer gloating, and even further above, he could hear Danny’s concerned voice shouting at the top of the ravine. Blu sat up, cursing at his painful head and probably dislocated tail. “Hey! Blu! Are you okay?” The Stump Pokemon floated down with something yellow in his hand. A Sitrus Berry. “Here…” Danny handed him the berry. Blu munched on the berry and instantly felt rejuvenated. “Thanks.” The blue monkey stumbled up. “Now, to get the Moon Stone back!” The blue stump Pokemon coughed and shyly said, “Well, actually… I got the stone…” Danny got the silver stone out of his stump. Blu looked at Danny in disbelief “But...how?” Danny looked down, blushing. “I remembered your lessons on types and remembered that ghost types can hide from fighting types, so I snuck past and stole the stone.” Blu grinned “And they didn’t notice?” “Well, I don’t think so, not yet” Blu grinned, and patted Danny on the head. “Heh...well done. Let’s get out of here” Maybe Danny really wasn’t that bad… Blu thought, as a frustrated trainer was heard yelling in the distance.
  1. CongenitalSarcasm
    You are welcome ^^
    Aug 13, 2017
  2. Starry Phantump
    Starry Phantump
    This is awesome thanks so much
    Aug 13, 2017
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