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OCs: Alison "Ali" Catorce (Redesign)

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice Tagging everyone who liked the original. @Il Fantasma , @Astralpunk , @Midnight Princess , @Lord Of Pain , @Dark Hydreigon , @AyraDX , @33v33_lover .
Alison "Ali" Catorce is a fourteen year old girl and current wearer of the Multitrix. Alison has blue eyes, brown hair, light brown skin, and has a streak of bright green in her hair. She wears a light blue T-shirt with a black stripe down the middle, with black at the end of her sleeves and at the area of the shirt that is around her neck as well. She also wears tan cargo pants and dark blue shoes. The Multitrix, which is on her right arm, looks similar to the Omnitrix, except instead of being green with a black hourglass symbol on it it is dark gray with an outline of a poppy filled in with blue on it. Like the Omnitrix, the Multitrix allows Ali to transform into certain aliens, the number of options at first is limited to fourteen, for about twenty minutes, sometimes less. Her aliens look completely different from Ben's.