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Alien Invasion

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer just a ordinary Alien Invasion. I made this years ago when i cared about how long this will be. Enjoy. One more thing, the names were changed because the original copy was filled with people's names in real life that i knew so i changed it.
One day I was at my friend Chrome's house. I looked out the window and saw an alien ship. I rushed to the phone to call the military. But no one answered. I began to get scared. Then I told Chrome of what was happening.

So he told his parents. His parents called my house and no one answered. So I told them to call Mal's parents and Flame's parents. So they did. Flame’s and Mal’s family came over and we discussed a plan. Then we got prepared but our parents said we can’t go anywhere.

Every parent went to stop the alien invasion except Chrome’s parents. But none of the parents came back. So Chrome’s parents said “We have to go and stop the alien invasion ourselves, are you guys ready?” I said, “Let’s go and save the planet!” So we went to the military place and scouted the area.

We scouted what’s left of the military weapons. We got the military weapons and got back home. But we had to make a plan first. So that’s what we did. But we had to stay in the clear.

The main thing to do right now was to not get caught and making a plan to stop the invasion. For some reason our house is the last one left to get invaded. I hope we don’t die. Now we have our plan. But we still don’t know how to work the military weapons.

One of use suggested that we fire the weapon. But we told him no it will give us away. Then someone else suggested that we searched on the internet of how to work those weapons. We told him that was a good idea but we don’t have a laptop. Then I said “I have a laptop with me.”

So I get my laptop out. But soon enough one of the aliens came to the door and started to open it. Chrome’s mom told us to hide. So we did. But someone stupid I guess came out of their hiding place and the alien caught him.

The person is Chrome’s father. But we kept our mouths shut so no one else gets caught. Then the alien went away. Chrome and his mother start to cry quietly. Luckily none of aliens herd the crying.

But we told them it would be ok. Sure enough they stopped crying. Then Chrome said, “Let’s do this.” But I disagreed because we still don’t know how to work those weapons. Everyone agreed with me.

So we searched on how to use those weapons. We found everything we need to know on how to use the weapons. Then Chrome’s mom said, “Let’s do this.” Then we went to the military base and saw loads of aliens. I bet you that wasn’t even half of the aliens

So we got inside the military base but it was full of aliens. We snuck around a lot of aliens. The problem was we were getting tired. But we kept up our game but we slowed down. We finally managed to get to the entrance to the alien ship.

We rested a bit. After that we went inside secretly. But we got caught by an alien. So that meant thousands of aliens after us but they never caught up to use. Finally we found a place to hide. But the path of our hiding place went deeper until it hit the place of the queen alien.

I saw everyone held captive. All getting their essence sucked out of them. When I saw that I jumped out of hiding. But that went totally wrong. Luckily only I got captive. But my friend Mal told everyone we have to jump out and fight.

So that’s what they did. They jumped out of hiding and attacked but Chrome’s mother got caught and captive. Chrome and Mal defeats all of the enemies. They go to the queen alien and Chrome gets captured and captive. Our last hope is Mal.

Finally Mal destroys/kills the queen. We got back to our homes. Before we got home we promised not to say any words about this ever again. We hope this never happens again if it does I will be prepared.