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Alice the Gardevoir.

by The Celestic Warrior

Alice the Gardevoir for Charms.png
The Celestic Warrior Probably needs some explaining. Grand.
This is my (rather shitty) attempt at drawing a Pokémon in a dynamic pose. I decided to start with Gardevoir because currently I'm in love with my Gardevoir in my EXP Share-less playthrough of Pokémon X. Why? Simple. As a Kirlia she was adorable but she wasn't quite powerful enough to tackle the threats I needed her to. When she evolved, it was like she became She-Hulk or something. She was simply destroying every single Pokémon that crossed her path, Lysandre's Mega Gyarados included (even though she was 4 levels lower!) So yeah. That's why I made her look somewhat evil. Her eye is all pink instead of red and an iris because I like to think that happens when a Pokémon uses their psychic powers or when they go to use Moonblast. Just a personal touch
Now, I think I screwed up a bit but this was like a first-attempt kind of thing. Her legs look pretty skinny and I think I made her too short but fooq it. Might do the Draw This Again meme when my drawing skills improve (because this was originally uploaded to DeviantArt so yeah).
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