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Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix: Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix #9: Banshriek

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice Tagging everyone who liked the original Alison "Ali" Catorce work. @Il Fantasma , @Astralpunk , @Midnight Princess , @Lord Of Pain , @Dark Hydreigon , @AyraDX , @33v33_lover .
Banshriek is a Banshee’an from the planet Arox Caoine in the Arox system. Banshriek resembles a pale woman with silver hair, light blue eyes with black pupils that can constrict ‘til they become almost non-existent, and a light blue dress with the Multitrix symbol at the bottom of the dress collar. Banshee’ans are able to phase through matter, possess people, do a shrieking equivalent of a sonic scream, turn invisible, and fly. They are stronger in darkness and can be weakened in sunlight to the point of death by combustion if not wearing their second skin. Without their second skin they look a more undead version of the previous description. Banshee’ans dresses come in multiple colors. Banshriek is the ninth alien in the Multitrix originally.
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