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Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix: Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix #5: Update

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice Tagging everyone who liked the original Alison "Ali" Catorce work. @Il Fantasma , @Astralpunk , @Midnight Princess , @Lord Of Pain , @Dark Hydreigon , @AyraDX , @33v33_lover .
Update is an Intellectic Mechamorph, a race accidentally created by the Intellectans. Originally an uninhabited satellite, Intellectan scientists tried to make Intellectan B (Intellectan’s moon) habitable for colonization by binding self-replicating nanotechnology to Intellectan B's minerals. When a new sentient species is born as an unexpected result, the Intellectans abandoned the project and allowed the first Intellectic Mechamorphs to flourish into a civilization. She starts as the fifth alien in the Multitrix.

Other than firing positronic plasma beams from its eye, an Intellectic Mechamorph's primary ability is to merge with technology, regardless of size or level of sophistication, making them capable of upgrading or changing it far beyond its original design. Another ability Intellectic Mechamorphs possess is to form sharp projections made from their bodies. Intellectic Mechamorphs are incapable of properly controlling sentient technology. Intellectic Mechomorphs are also vulnerable to electricity and any substance also corrosive to regular metals, both of which can compromise their delicate internal workings. Update looks like Upgrade (Original series), but with light blue marks and eye, and the parts that are white on Upgrade are teal on Update
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