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Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix: Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix #11: Squida

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice Tagging everyone who liked the original Alison "Ali" Catorce work. @Il Fantasma , @Astralpunk , @Midnight Princess , @Lord Of Pain , @Dark Hydreigon , @AyraDX , @33v33_lover .
Squida is a Teuthida’an from the planet Oqean, a planet known for its vast oceans full of unique wildlife. Squida, along with other Teuthida’ans, resemble Beast Boy from Teen Titans as a squid (See here: [​IMG]) except it is wider and larger in body shape, is majorly white with light gray suction cups on the tentacles, and the eyes are mostly light blue instead of black. Teuthida’ans are known for their parrot-like beaks that are strong enough to break steel, their color changing and camouflage abilities, their ability to survive in fresh and salt water, and their ink shooting defense. They can walk and survive on land, but they are much slower there. Squida's Multitrix symbol is on her forehead. Squida is the 11th alien in the Multitrix originally.
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